In the first quarter of the year, the construction of guangxi ordinary highway projects completed an investment of 3.801 billion yuan

Guangxi News network – Guangxi Daily Nanning news (reporter Wu Liping correspondent Bai Jinfa) On April 1, the reporter learned from the autonomous Region road development center that in the first quarter of this year, the total investment in the construction of ordinary road projects in the region was 3.801 billion yuan.Since the beginning of this year, project construction units have overcome the impact of adverse factors to promote the resumption of work and production of ordinary highway projects and speed up the progress of project construction.By the end of March, there were 28 general national road projects under construction in the region, 28 of which had been resumed.Of the 45 projects under construction in Putong Provincial Highway, 38 have resumed construction.Of 133 projects under construction (excluding national and provincial highway projects), 96 have resumed work.

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