Star “lazy cancer”, laurel “compulsive”, Lao Gu: you must conquer laziness

Star comics and dragon cartoon is the peak work in the winter and LAN LAN, anime courageously bean students in all kinds of magical operation emerge in endlessly, happy at the same time, also let us increase the knowledge, star cancer possessed “lazy”, small the laurel blossoms filled the air. “naughty by nature”, the old and the ancient: you have to overcome laziness, let us together into the comic books, learn more wonderful content.Among young people nowadays, there is a popular word called “lie flat”, which is actually to find an excuse for their laziness.The star in the cartoon is also the same, he can be said to be “lazy cancer possession”, idle all day, not doing a proper job, the whole person has become very negative, if this continues to be afraid is going to waste.Cinnamon is the same, he is not only lazy but also very playful, in the long run is no good.So the old ancient teachings of the two “you must overcome laziness, in order to harvest a better future!”With his help, Xing and Cinnamon finally realize the seriousness of the problem and step by step become diligent, positive and full of enthusiasm for life.In my opinion, we should not slack off at the age of hard work, too easy life is not conducive to our growth.If you also like # Startaqi comics, then long click “like” and follow me quickly.

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