The South Korean government has approved a plan to relocate the presidential office, allocating 36 billion won in advance

The Government of the Republic of Korea (ROK) approved the budget for the relocation of the presidential office at a provisional cabinet meeting on Monday morning, and decided to allocate 36 billion won (about 190 million yuan) for the first time. Further negotiations will be held depending on the implementation of the relocation.The blue house.File photo South Korean President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol said during his election campaign that he would open the current presidential blue House to the public and find a suitable place for the presidential office.Yoon told a press conference on March 20 that the new government will move the presidential office from cheong Wa Dae to the current Defense Ministry building in Seoul’s Yongsan-gu district and that he will work in the new presidential office directly after the inauguration ceremony.Mr. Yoon’s plan to move the presidential office sparked protests in South Korea, and the presidential blue House said it was running out of time.After close consultation, both sides agreed to implement the relocation in stages.South Korea’s defense Ministry said Thursday that the relocation plan has started and it will soon sign contracts with related companies to make room for the new presidential office as soon as possible.(Source: CCTV News)

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