The first generation of super idol F4, only 8 years fell from the altar!Yan Chengxu, Wu Jianhao talked about the past

In the variety show “Listen to my Friends”, Yan Chengxu and Wu Jianhao got together again after five years.At first they were very reserved, but after years of experience together, they soon found the feeling of being friends and spoke freely.When talking about the reasons for the disbandment of F4, Wu jianhao said that at that time, they all had their own grievances, imbalance, jealousy, jealousy and other bad emotions. The team was very insecure, and Yan Chengxu was lonely.At that time, they were known as the “Light of Asia” and enjoyed great popularity not only in Korea but also in Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea.He was the first generation super idol.In 2001, meteor Garden, an idol drama, was broadcast, and its audience rating quickly changed, and maintained until 2006, which was regarded as the ancestor of idol drama.Also in Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea and other places, the ratings of the first good results, set off a wave of learning Chinese in foreign countries.Along with the TV series, the four members of F4 quickly became popular.Jerry yan attended an advertising press conference in the Philippines and was invited to meet by the President of the Philippines.Within a year, F4 held 19 concerts around the world, attracting an average audience of 30,000 people per concert.In 2003, F4 became the only Chinese group on Forbes’ Power list.Newsweek, which went to Wanwan for an interview, said F4 was the Chinese envoy who produced the “Light of Asia”.In 2006, F4 became the first Asian group to be interviewed by CNN, and their concerts are often hard to get.In 2008, F4 held 7 concerts with more than 10,000 people in Japan, tying jay Chou’s concert record in Japan.But then the rumors started, and we went our separate ways.Wu Jianhao said that the dissolution of that year, because of the influence of external comments too much, leading to a bad mood in the team, dissolution but let everyone breathe a sigh of relief.Just like what Teacher He said, four young people who did not know each other, without any emotional basis were combined together, experienced the challenge of a burst of popularity, it is difficult to grasp the right direction.And the four people before Shooting Shooting Star Garden were just ordinary young boys.His father died when he was young, so he started working in fifth grade and had to work while going to school in middle school. He only had three or four hours of sleep a day.Even so, he dropped out of high school because he couldn’t afford the tuition.Later, while working part-time, He was discovered as a model, which was followed by shooting Meteor Garden.Yan Chengxu said he never lucky, famous after a mention of the past will also cry, his heart is extremely inferiority.From the bottom of the society to the instant success, he had no confidence and only thought, “How can I become an idol, so strange!”Vic Chou was already prone to depression after his parents divorced. Chai Zhiping, the producer, found him when he accompanied his friends for an interview.The same sudden popularity, too many people and comments flooded around him, he became more and more silent.Zhu Xiaotian said at that time Yan Chengxu, Vic Zhou very strange, always silent, can not speak for a long time, it seems that the two people are still difficult to adapt to the idol’s life.Zhu Xiaotian is also divorced parents, he followed his mother, but the mother’s health is not good, he is also working while going to school.Before Shooting Shooting Star Garden, he said he would go home after the TV series.He never intended to be a star, but saw the shoot as a lucrative endeavor.Among the four, Wu Jianhao may be a little prepared, but not to become a star, but to fulfill his music dream.In order to pursue his music dream, Wu jianhao chose to drop out of school in his sophomore year and returned to Wanwan from the United States.When participating in a talent show, Wu Jianhao exercised in the gym and was discovered by Chai Zhiping to shoot Meteor Garden.That’s it, four unrelated young boys who are suddenly famous for a show and then tied together.Compared to today’s groups, members have to practice and train together for several years before they have a chance to debut as a group.F4 was pushed to the front, so to speak, without any preparation.With no psychological preparation, no emotional foundation, little contact in daily life and the inaction of the agency, it is inevitable that F4 will disband.Just did not expect that F4 has not survived the bonus period, ushered in the collapse.Four people go their separate ways!For many years, Yan Chengxu has been unable to walk out of the “Dao Ming Temple” shadow, there is no good work, we only pay attention to the emotional entanglement between him and Lin Zhiling.It wasn’t until he took part in “Brother Who Cut his way through” that Yan’s fame began to recover, although he was still very afraid.Vic Zhou can be said to be the best one among the four. Through excellent works such as Riffringer and Hero and Other shore 1945, he got rid of the influence of hua Ze class and set up vic Zhou’s personal IP.After the sensational love affair with big S, Vic Zhou and his girlfriend Yu Hongyuan quietly married, and now he is even more low-key, rarely out activities.In “Friends please listen”, Jerry yan and Wu Jianhao together to Vic Zhou sent a video, asked him to treat, Jerry Yan also joked that “Zai zai now reply to the message much faster than before!”It seems the two have been in touch, not at odds with each other, as has been assumed.Zhu xiaotian is married to dalian girl Han Wenwen, he said that he is the worst development of the four, nearly a year without work, his name has nothing, property, car are in the name of his parents or his wife.Before, Zhu xiaotian and Jerry Yan appeared together in Trump card versus Trump Card. The two didn’t interact much, but they didn’t look unfamiliar, but Zhu xiaotian looked more and more like Shen Teng.Wu jianhao and An Yixuan in 2009 “Next Station Happiness” after a popular, no representative works appear, but he has not given up the dream of music, almost every year to participate in music-related activities.In 2013, Wu got married to shi Zhenshan, a wealthy woman with an on-again, off-again relationship.In 2018, the couple got into a nasty fight and divorced.In the variety show “Chasing the Light”, it can be seen that Wu Jianhao’s state is still maintained very well, the show can sing and dance, but also willing to help others, which makes him attract a large wave of fans.Now the four have been over the age of 40, back then, there may be regret, but more should be relieved.After all, they are not mature, to face the temptation of huge fame and wealth, no one has given them the right guidance, it can be imagined that they will have how much hesitation at that time.So in the face of a sudden opportunity, unprepared, they will only instinctively to protect themselves.During this period, we are no longer entangled in the right and wrong, but some feeling, 20 years later, F4 is still the highlight of the four, is the idol we used to chase, but also our beautiful memories.Finally, do you remember F4?

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