The fourth Special Conference on Cracking down on and Governing cross-border gambling was held

Against gambling and work for the fourth time meeting governance cross-border adhere to the punch Pay attention to treat both cross-border gambling would hit management work to further advance state councilor and minister of the Ministry of Public Security Zhao Kezhi chaired a meeting in Beijing on the 15th against gambling and work for the fourth time meeting, cross-border governance research deployment blow governance work this year.General secretary of the meeting stressed that to thoroughly study and apply jinping important indicator spirit and deployment of the CPC Central Committee decision, strengthen the consciousness of “four”, firm “four confidence”, “two maintenance”, adhere to the punch, pay attention to enlarge, cross-border gambling would hit management work to further advance, resolutely curb cross-border gambling,We will strive to create a safe and stable political and social environment for the opening of the party’s 20th National Congress.Conference pointed out that in 2021, in under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with comrade xi as the core, we continue to take the severest measures against cross-border gambling crime, concentrating on series of special operation, the system of governance in black ash production problems, destroyed a batch of large cross-border gambling gang recruit on suction gold network in our country, to solve a batch of major cases,The overall crackdown on governance shows an overwhelming trend, becoming the year with the biggest crackdown and the most obvious governance effect in recent years.With the unprecedented strengthening of crackdown and governance, cross-border gambling criminal groups have suffered a heavy blow, but their survival soil has not been completely eradicated.To improve political sense, political savvy and execution, deep understanding and accurate grasp the cross-border gambling on management work faces new situation, new features remain will strike hard fight with sympathetic rein, solid pays special attention to this year against gambling and the implementation of each work measures governing cross-border push against new effective control work the new breakthrough.The meeting called for a comprehensive approach to address both the symptoms and root causes, and continued to form an overwhelming trend against cross-border gambling crimes.We should stick to the heavy-handed attack, strengthen the cracking of cases, and strive to completely destroy the gambling and money-collecting networks of overseas mega-gambling groups in China.We will launch a nationwide campaign to crack down on cross-border gambling and crack down on major cases.We need to deepen international law enforcement cooperation, promote joint crackdowns with relevant countries, severely punish cross-border gambling groups that take gambling gambling, and improve the “blacklist” of overseas institutions and individuals that support gambling groups.To the overseas casino to my gambling behavior to adhere to the emergence of the fight, the maximum squeeze crime space.We will improve the “blacklist” of gamblers who travel overseas and dynamically adjust the “blacklist” of tourist destinations. We will continue to strengthen the physical and technological development of border areas, carry out special campaigns to crack down on crimes that interfere with border management, and block channels for overseas gambling groups to recruit Chinese gamblers.We will strengthen archival management of outbound investment and punish illegal activities in accordance with the law.To adhere to the comprehensive treatment, to carry out the “one card”, non-bank pay special institutional risk, promote governance use of virtual money transfer in capital measures the ground work, carried out in site and application special cleanup operations, continue to implement the unauthorized use of the Internet sales of lottery tickets and verification, disposal mechanism, ecological chain cut cross-border gambling.We must adhere to the rule of law mentality, thoroughly implement the amendments to the Criminal Law and relevant judicial interpretations, and constantly enhance the effect of legal deterrence.Efforts should be made to publicize the results of the crackdown on cross-border gambling, expose the serious harms of cross-border gambling, strengthen the people’s awareness of the rule of law and prevention, and actively create a strong atmosphere of rejecting gambling and opposing gambling.The meeting called for strengthening organizational leadership, overall planning and coordination, and promoting the crackdown on cross-border gambling to achieve long-term long-term treatment.At present, the crackdown on cross-border gambling has entered the deep water zone and is in a critical stage. It is necessary to give further play to institutional advantages, form overall synergy, and actively promote the construction of a more pragmatic and efficient comprehensive governance pattern.To consolidate the main responsibility, persistent unremitting efforts to nail the spirit of strict and meticulous implementation of the work.It is necessary to optimize and improve the actual combat operation mechanism, consolidate and form a regular and long-term work system, speed up the establishment of a comprehensive work pattern to combat cross-border gambling, and effectively form an overall synergy.We will reward and reward those who have made outstanding achievements in governance, announce and criticize those who have been slow in their work, punish key areas with prominent problems, and hold those who have failed in their duty accountable.Vice Minister of Public Security Lin Rui briefed the relevant work.Relevant leading members of central and state organs attended the meeting and made speeches.Leading officials of relevant units of the Ministry of Public Security attended the meeting.Source: Ministry of Public Security

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