Day to see the games | ensure efficient operation of “double the city”, Beijing to do so

On February 5, reporters learned at the Beijing city Service guarantee special session of the 2022 Beijing Press Center press conference that the city service guarantee work will be carried out at a high level under the condition of epidemic prevention and control by fully implementing the requirements of “simple, safe and wonderful”.Beijing has the confidence and capability to ensure efficient and smooth urban services for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, which will provide strong support for hosting an excellent, extraordinary and outstanding Olympic Games.180,000 people to ensure the safety of urban operation build a closed-loop urban operation service guarantee system;Organize and carry out total factor emergency drills for 11 times;Municipal professional enterprises and related districts organized 539 special exercises;Power, gas, heat, water supply and drainage, sanitation, communications, cable TV, special equipment and other professional support units and the relevant local governments around the Winter Olympic Games competition venues, non-competition venues, training venues and other olymp-related venues, respectively formulated support plans and emergency plans;Carefully build the urban landscape, create a strong atmosphere to welcome the Winter Olympics…Zhang Yan, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Management, said that 180,000 people are expected to work in various fields during the Winter Olympics, and more than 50,000 people are expected to participate in the operation and environmental protection of the Winter Olympics, comprehensively ensuring the safety of the city.It is worth mentioning that during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games yesterday, Beijing’s maximum load reached 17.712 million kilowatts, and Beijing achieved zero flashing power.The harmonious operation of competition traffic and social traffic should be strengthened to ensure the safety of road facilities.Special Olympic lanes will be set up to guarantee priority for Olympic vehicles;Barrier-free transportation facilities have been upgraded.Since receiving the task of winter Olympics guarantee, the road facilities guarantee units and guarantee enterprises of Beijing transportation industry have gone all out to sort out 113 tasks in 7 categories such as facility investigation and renovation, construction and maintenance engineering, road environment improvement, special support and emergency support.Before the opening of the Winter Olympic Games, 81 tasks related to preliminary support have been completed, and the remaining 32 tasks are being carried out in an orderly way.”We will provide safe, on-time and reliable transportation services to ensure the normal operation of road facilities, efficient and timely emergency support, and realize the harmonious operation of games traffic and social traffic, which is our direction of efforts.”Beijing Municipal Commission of transportation two level inspector Shang Wanyou said.”Ice and snow sports are high-risk sports, and timely, scientific and effective medical treatment is a strong guarantee for the success of the Winter Olympics.”Wang Jianhui, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, said that in accordance with the requirements of the prevention and control policy for the Winter Olympics, Beijing has divided the winter Olymp-related injuries and patients into five categories: confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients, patients with fever within the closed loop, patients with fever outside the closed loop, and patients with other injuries and patients outside the closed loop.A total of 88 medical stations were set up in Beijing and Yanqing, and a comprehensive clinic of 1,500 square meters in Beijing winter Olympics village and 1,658 square meters in Yanqing Winter Olympics Village were built.1300 key medical staff will be selected as the medical security staff of the venue;According to the characteristics of sports injury in each arena, medical staff including orthopedics, stomatology and other professional disciplines are specially equipped, and equipment such as CT and dental chairs are added in the arena to truly realize the “one game, one policy” medical guarantee.To ensure the safety of the events and the Spring Festival, 33 special emergency plans including the overall emergency plan for the opening and closing ceremonies were formulated, 81 emergency drills were organized in all business areas of the venue, and the safety law enforcement inspection of production and business units around key areas was strengthened to highlight the security guarantee of the city…It is the daily work of Beijing Emergency Bureau to ensure the safety of the Winter Olympics.Liu Bin, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Emergency Response Bureau, said that Beijing is focusing on “risk prevention, disaster reduction and safety”, focusing on the core tasks of preventing and resolving major safety risks, ensuring the safe operation of the event and properly dealing with all kinds of disasters and accidents, and making every effort to ensure the smooth operation of the event and the safety during the Spring Festival.Among them, the focus of forest fire prevention in the Winter Olympic Games area is in Yanqing, and the focus of forest fire prevention in Yanqing is in the alpine skiing competition area and its surroundings.To this end, Beijing forest fire brigade 200 6,630 people, all into combat readiness.Winter Olympics meteorological science and technology innovation to achieve two “first” five consecutive years of winter in the competition area to carry out field forecast training, “five years of sharpening a sword” to form a mountain weather forecast core team.In the eyes of Ji Chongping, chief engineer of Beijing Meteorological Bureau, the winter Olympics meteorological technology innovation has achieved two “firsts”.First, for the first time in China, the multi-dimensional comprehensive meteorological observation experiment under complicated terrain in winter was organized and carried out in mid-latitude mountainous areas.The three-dimensional and encrypted meteorological observation network of Yanqing and Zhangjiakou has been constructed, which provides fine weather “background” data for the research and development of meteorological forecast technology and practical services of the Winter Olympics, and also lays a foundation for deepening the research of mountain meteorology in China.Second, for the first time, it has realized the operational weather forecasting capability of “100-meter and minute-level”.Based on numerical prediction, machine learning and other technologies, a winter Olympics weather forecast product covering 100 meters grid and updated in 10 minutes has been formed, which greatly improves the forecast accuracy of key weather elements of the Winter Olympics and effectively supports the forecast service team to carry out fine weather services.Cao Wentu, Guizhou Daily Tianyan News reporter/Deng Gang, Guizhou Daily Tianyan news reporter, Editor, Guo Doriqiu, editor, Wang Luyao, Shi Yuling

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