Dongguan silicon PU manufacturers brief analysis of your plastic pitch why bulge, hurry up code up

Introduction: Dongguan as a silicon PU material production and construction manufacturers gathered in the city, with all aspects of demand and process improvement, a lot of silicon PU material plastic stadium problems can be solved in the construction of the time, and today Tian Guan sports would like to take you to a simple understanding of the silicon PU plastic stadium will bulge, hurry up!Silicon PU plastic pitch bulge that that can be said to be more common problems, largely because there is no deal with basic level, especially in basic level and dust, and sand conditions of construction, the condition of one of the most obvious is that it is bound to zha into a sticky material effect, finally forms the flat bag.Moreover, we have always emphasized the importance of silicon PU court foundation ground maintenance. If the time is not enough or the construction maintenance standard has not been reached, then the deep water on the foundation ground will eventually accumulate upward, so it is likely to appear more circular bumps.Said the basic problem, in fact, if the silicon PU plastic stadium will still bulge problem then it is necessary to carefully consider the professional construction team, under normal circumstances this kind of stadium has a certain cycle, if because of the rush to work regardless of the cycle time then there will be bulge and other problems.If the silicon PU course is indeed bulging, what we can do is certainly to deal with it in time. The fastest way is to cut it out in time, and then wait for drying in accordance with the basic construction steps, but the process must find a professional team, or it is very good to grasp.Conclusion: the above is dongguan silicon PU manufacturers brief analysis of your plastic stadium why bulge, just like the above text mentioned here the problem is not strange, but professional manufacturers can put an end to it in advance, so we should also be able to understand what we add crown sports are saying!

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