Elderly relatives go lost Wangtun police station warm heart help

In the afternoon of February 16, Kaifeng City Public Security Bureau Yu Wangtai Branch Wangtun police Station director Lei Jin team led auxiliary police Zhang Jianhui, Shen Lin patrol in the area.When patrol to wangtun primary school gate, see several masses surround an old man of nearly seventy years old, the old man look a little confused.The police immediately got out to check the situation.After learning to the masses, the old man came out from home to go relatives, go to Wangtun village lost, the masses do not know the old man, she can not tell where home is, where to go relatives.Police based on experience judgment, the old man alone relatives, relatives should not be far away, may be nearby.The weather was cold and the roads were dangerously busy.Seeing this, the police decided to help the old man on the police car to keep warm, and then with the old man in a nearby village, a village to find…Everything comes to him who waits.Finally after a village in Wangtun township, the old man pointed out the window and said: “Here, found it, found it!”The police were overjoyed, according to the direction the old man pointed to, soon found the old man’s relatives, after confirming that the old man was safe and sound, she handed over to relatives.”Elderly people tend to get lost because of their age and memory loss. If it is convenient for them, they can sew their family members’ contact information and address on their clothes so that they can contact them by phone even if they get lost.”When they left, Captain Regin kept telling the old man’s relatives.Police tips: for the elderly at home, family members usually want more care and care, if you need to go out, should be followed as far as possible, do not let the elderly out alone.At the same time, can make an identity card for the old man, write the old man’s name, home address and contact phone number, put in the old man’s pocket or hang in the old man’s body, when the old man lost should immediately call 110 alarm phone for help.Edited by Li Yong and reviewed by Zhang Dong

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