Five years and 270 million long rejected, the Sixers and Harden conflict: the Rockets and other teams began to scramble

So far, the Philadelphia 76ers have dropped to fourth place in the Eastern Conference with a 46-30 record, including a crucial loss to the second-worst Detroit pistons.Embiid scored a game-high 37 points and 15 rebounds in the 76ers’ 102-94 regular-season loss to the Pistons on Thursday. Harden scored 18 points on 4-of-15 shooting, Harris added 14 points and Maxi added 13.The Pistons’ no. 1 pick in the draft, Cunningham scored 27 points, Bay added 20, and Olynyk added 12 points off the bench and Chuck Hayes added 10.The most ridiculed player of the game has to be Harden, who has been known to fail in the postseason, but who has gone into failure mode before the playoffs, raising concerns about the 76ers in the postseason.It also leaves the 76ers front office wondering if it was worth trading simmons for Harden, and it also leaves the 76ers wondering if they should re-sign Harden this summer.Recently, according to the names are written bill simmons said, harden hope offseason, and in the summer of 76 to reach $270 million for five years paid contract extension, 76 people management or intentionally left harden at first, but since trade deadline, harden’s performance did not achieve the desired effect, so that let the top management paid contract renewal harden up the back, in addition,76 and harden the top salary problem is produced, is not willing to use a 5 year 270 million contract and harden, although a lot of people think harden in Philadelphia can get 5 years contract of hundreds of millions of dollars, but he’s now samples is very few, this concerns in some extent into garbage contract, of course it also depends on harden’s performance in the playoffs.As for Harden, he’s 32 years old and needs to earn a Max salary at the end of his career, and if he can’t reach a salary deal with the Sixers, the most he can sign with another team is a four-year contract.Key to today’s 76 people have been produced for a maximum contract harden opinion, if 76 short-term or below the $270 million price is harden, I’m afraid the latter will choose to leave, of course, now the initiative was in the hands of 76 people, like the above said, if harden in the playoffs, and even led the team won the championship trophy to the finals,The 76ers’ front office would not hesitate to offer Harden a five-year, $270 million contract, and if that doesn’t work out, harden’s Max salary dreams could be in jeopardy, let alone leaving the Sixers.There will be plenty of teams vying for Harden, including his former team, the Rockets.Harden again bad, after all, is also a good player, especially in the series is still a very good team, analysts say, analysts say, the choice of 76 people is in forced hadden leave, and the latter is also very clear even if left in the other team got satisfactory salary, so will harden long-term stay in 76?Wait and see!

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