“If China offers cooperation on space station, we will join!”

Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov expressed a positive attitude toward international cooperation in China’s space station, saying, “If China proposes, we are willing to join.”Two Russian cosmonauts and an American cosmonaut returned to Earth on A Russian soyuz spacecraft on Monday.Two Russian cosmonauts were asked about China’s Shenzhou XIII, which is also scheduled to return to earth in the near future, CGTN press Corps reported Thursday.Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov praised China’s space program as “fast and good.”He also expressed a positive attitude toward international cooperation on China’s space station, saying, “If China proposes, we are willing to join.”, according to the China manned space engineering office after aboard the shenzhou manned spacecraft into heaven and core module, the 13th in the Chinese space station of the second batch of astronauts zhai zhigang, ya-ping wang, Ye Guangfu, after more than 160 days of space flight, the successful completion of the two extravehicular activities, two “tiangong” classroom teaching activity space and so on many test and application of science and technology project,And completed the first in-orbit docking between a cargo spacecraft and the space station through remote operation, setting a new record for Chinese astronauts’ continuous in-orbit flight duration.At present, The Shenzhou 13 crew is in good condition and is preparing for the return to the ground. It is planned to embark on the return journey in the middle of April.Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, who was the first Russian astronaut to return to earth recently, commented on China’s Shenzhou 13 manned mission at a press conference.Shkaplelov praised China’s space program as “fast and good” and believed that China’s space program would set more records in the future, CGTN reported. “Regarding manned space flight, our human beings have rich experience, they know how to do it.”He was also positive about international cooperation with China’s space station. “I don’t know much about their plans, but I think if China proposes (cooperation), we will join.”I want to work with all the agencies, whether it’s low Earth orbit missions, whether it’s moon missions, whether it’s fire missions, the emphasis is on working together to achieve goals that obviously require more than one country or space agency.”It is worth mentioning that during the press conference on the Shenzhou XII manned mission held in June last year, a Russian journalist asked whether China would invite Astronauts from Russia and other countries to carry out missions in the Chinese space station.Ji Qiming, assistant director of the China Manned Space Engineering Office, said that China and Russia have always maintained good cooperation in the field of manned space flight, and it is believed that in the near future, Chinese and foreign astronauts will join the flight of China’s space station.Four months later, the shenzhou space missions, the 13th of spokesman of news of China manned space engineering, deputy director of the China manned space engineering office Lin Xiqiang again at a press conference stressed the cause of China’s manned space exploration always adhere to the peaceful use of, the principle of equality and mutual benefit, common development, welcome the rest of the astronaut to enter the Chinese space station, an international collaboration.When talking about the cooperation between China and Russia in the space program, many netizens think of the meme in the movie The Wandering Earth: “First let the Russians unload their vodka…”In the film the Wandering Earth, Russian actor Sharogratsky plays makarov, a colleague and friend of Wu Jing’s Chinese astronaut Liu Peiqiang, who eventually dies to help Liu. Their cross-country friendship is a major tearful point in the film.When landing in space, ma illegally smuggled a bottle of vodka, but the bottle ultimately saved the earth, liu Peiqiang desperate use it to destroy the artificial intelligence “Moss” to execute the defection program.However, at present, Russian space is facing the serious situation of broken relations with the West.Western countries led by the United States have imposed round after round of punitive sanctions on Russia for its conflict with Ukraine, which has also affected the partnership between the two sides in the space program.On this basis, the Russian Federal Space Agency (ROSCOsmos) continued to “the safety of the crew of the International Space Station is the most important priority,” and finally returned the American astronauts safely to Earth on the return mission on March 30, according to RT.Since then, Rogozin, president of The Russian state space Company, announced on The 3rd that “for moral and ethical reasons”, the company has stopped joint projects with western countries, they will not have any cooperation with countries that provide weapons and political support to the Ukrainian authorities.American astronaut Mark Van der Hay (l) and two Russian cosmonauts return to Earth from the International Space Station aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft

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