It topped the list with high scores, beating out “If a Snail Had Love” and “Ding Mo military Marriage”

Everybody is good, as I push super love net novel, thinking for a long time decided to share to you feel good after reading her novel, hee hee, if feel good, I hope you appearance, handsome and natural and unrestrained, truly the little brother little sister for the article point small make up a praise with a focus on yo, thank you for your support and encouragement!The first book: “If the snail has love” Introduction: one day, the routine finished talking about the work, the man turned: “chasing you so long, have any idea?”Xu Xu surprised: “You chasing me?”The man patiently lit a cigarette and stared at her with dark eyes: “Every day to accompany you to do morning exercises, hand in hand to teach you to shoot, the whole police call you sister-in-law…Do you think I was in the dry pit guide: the next day a work, Xu Xu has a feeling of being hit by thunder.Because she only went to the bathroom, she had a large bunch of red and white roses on her desk.It was wrapped in light yellow plaid paper. It was beautiful and eye-catching.Attached to it was a small card in heroic handwriting that said, “You’re right, you can’t control your tastes.Good day, Xu Xu.”Xu Xu silent for a moment, a little laborious holding up this big bunch of flowers, want to find a place to lose.Yao Meng, on the other side, had reached over his head and put his chin in his hand. “Tell me honestly, did you have a boyfriend?””She asked, and the others looked up, smiling.Xu Xu: “No.”How can everyone believe it? They’re all talking about the son-in-law of the criminal police.Xu Xu had to truthfully say, “I went on a blind date last week, but failed.But the other side is a little stubborn.”Everyone was a little stunned.Because Xu Xu usually give a person’s feeling is very introverted, lofty, she would also want to hand in a boyfriend.Male and female police station, for Xu Xu this kind of long decent single girl, attention is naturally higher.At noon, the whole police station spread, said that there is a rich second generation, chasing that Xu Xu chase very fierce.Even at the end of the director’s morning meeting, he asked Ji Bai: “I heard that xu Xu in your team is going to marry the rich second generation?You check it for me. We’re the girl’s family.”Season white light smile answer: “know.”Xu Xu was busy in the morning, lunch are not eat, take a mobile phone, find a dark and unmanned corner, call Ye Zi Xiao.Five calls, no answer, and a fire.Pack up the phone ran to the police station messenger room, tell the messenger room uncle, later have her flowers, must refuse.But uncle also got something, and it wasn’t a bad thing. He pretended to be dumb: “Ah?I don’t know.I had no right to refuse it…”Introduction: Lin Qian once thought she wanted a handsome, powerful man who could do anything in the business world.But when she met the right person, she realized how much she liked his coolness, his silence, his fortitude and his loyalty.Like to be willing to with him, in the market side by side, wanton time, do not ask the future.Pit guide: What is pie in the sky?Is Lin shallow excited unspeakable feeling at the moment.Kang Mingcong finally rushed to the dinner and did not keep them for dinner.But more than two hours of long talk, enough!Car driving in the gradually falling night, bright lights outside the window, reflected on the car of everyone’s eyebrows.The smile on Gu Yanzhi’s face can be described as mellow as wine.He refreshed in the seat, picked up mineral water to drink, and finally to Lin And Xue Mingtao said the “impossible task” behind the truth: “You li total with Kang Mingcong under two games of chess.The family hall wealth of 50 enterprises under the boss in a complete mess!Kang always unwilling, but also about this weekend to meet again.””Ah!”Lin And Xue mingtao at the same time low shout, surprise is also amazed.They both looked sideways at Li zhicheng in the back seat.He was sitting loose, his long legs crossed, looking out of the window at night.It was the same cold and still gesture, and there was no joy or complacency in his face.Just maybe because just stay in the heating room for a long time, chiseled handsome face still has shallow flush not faded.What kind of person is Xue Mingtao, no less than gu Yanzhi’s old fox, immediately opened his mouth to praise Li Zhicheng for a while, expressing his admiration and surprise.There are predecessors in this, Lin shallow this small fox does not rob to flatter, she is the leader around the person, the opportunity is much.Just a few words of echo with a smile.But…She remembered the information her brother had given her and didn’t seem to mention that the BOSS was good at chess.Of course, brother’s information may not be complete.So, did you really hit the jackass today?Think of here, she subconsciously looked in the rearview mirror, li Zhicheng in the back row.BOSS, you really can keep silent all the time without talking.Anyway, it’s enough that you have a lot of useful and practical functions.Ha ha ha…Introduction: It beat Out If a Snail Has Love with high scores. Ding Mo’s military marriage is a sweet pet story.In front of outsiders, Han Shen this man, has always been handsome cold, strangers do not close.He is as white and cold as frost and snow, and as calm and moving as night water.He is an unattainable absolute male god in the eyes of all.Only in front of the white Jinxi, the famous move the world of a police superintendent, will be exposed to hide very deep rogue essence.He is the best Interpol, is also the worst Interpol, in his heart has always lived a stubborn old man, through the years never tired to love her deeply.Guide to the pit: Han Shen looked at her again.He let go and took a step back.White Jinxi hate staring at him, stretched out his hand to manage messy clothes, turned to look at Xu White: “How did you come?”Xu Sibai this heavyweight forensic medicine, has always only appeared at the scene of the murder.The sun was shining brightly and xu Sibai stood straight.White face, the brow is still wrinkled.”Today happens to be free, I came to see.”His answer.White Jinxi nods: “rape case, a bit tricky.”As he spoke, he came up to her and looked down at her. “Crying?”White Jinxi really a little helpless.Why everyone pays attention to her red eye circles today.She smiled and answered: “No, you are wrong.”Xu Sibai stared at her, dark clear eyes, such as two quiet deep springs.A moment later, he smiled slowly, too.Instead of sticking to the subject, she looked over her shoulder and inquired, “Who was that?How did you get into it?”White Jinxi also turned to look.Behind empty, Han Shen I do not know when has gone quietly.She sighed and replied, “It’s a long story.”– In an hour.Second floor, crime scene balcony.Bai Jinxi stands on the balcony, looking into the distance.The low-slung dwellings of the old town, crisscrossed like a chaotic checkerboard, looked gray and bare in the sun.But here is the government’s key support of the economic new area, so there are countless high-rise buildings around the construction.Old and prosperous coexist in harmony.White Jinxi see for a long time, but also feel very pleasing to the eye.Xu Sibai took off his gloves, pushed the door and came out, standing with her.”What have you found?”She asked.Xu Sibai shook his head: “is a cautious person.”He was talking about criminals.White Jinxi nodded and added: “Calm, self-controlled, well-planned.””So far, there are no clues from the surveillance video and the identification of the scene, and the public interviews have turned up nothing.He may strike again.”Xu Sibai was silent.After a while, he asked, “Have you checked the questions han Shen raised?”Stay at the scene for so long, he naturally also listen to Interpol embellishingly said just Han Shen and her reasoning PK.”Those points still need to be further investigated.At this point, White Jinxi turned to look at him, light smile, “say, I was in the night club pornography met Han Shen.”Han Shen romantic rumors, Xu Sibai naturally also heard, smell words as usual light frown, did not speak.(Click on the following link to read the novel) Well, these are small make up today with you to understand the content, in see these, you have in the heart of the creation of their favorite works?Well, if you have anything to say, feel free to comment in the comments below.Five years later, she returned home with genius Sanbao, and Mu Shao blocked the airport.She became a heartthrob at the age of 15 and fell in love with me for 10 years. Then she became my only wife!Disease Jiao: he hangs down double mou, ground ground shows crazy possessive desire all, grievance way however: don’t walk again!Rich and powerful: pure actress was exposed to stay mysterious president home, the next day has been announced to get a certificate, micro wide fryer

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