Many places appear campus cluster epidemic!CDC experts remind: campus epidemic prevention and control should bear these points in mind

In recent days, there have been frequent outbreaks of COVID-19 in many places in China, with clusters of outbreaks occurring in schools.Confirmed cases were reported in jilin University of Agricultural Science and Technology, Chongqing Vocational College of Urban Management and Yunnan University of Arts.Schools are special places for people to gather. Effective implementation of various prevention and control measures can better protect the health of teachers and students and the safety of the campus.Sichuan disease control experts urgent reminder: build a solid campus safety line, focus on strengthening personnel management and site management!Staff management ① Staff, students and those living with them should pay close attention to the official epidemic information, and take the initiative to check whether they have been to medium-high risk areas in the past 14 days, whether they have been in contact with the activity track of cases, whether they have received warning messages, and whether the health code has changed color.In case of the above cases, please take good personal protection, report to your village (community) and school immediately, and take the initiative to take nucleic acid tests to cooperate with epidemic prevention and control measures.(2) It is recommended that teachers, staff and students from outside sichuan province and those living with them (especially those who have come to Sichuan from cities or cities with positive cases in the past 14 days) take nucleic acid test within 24 hours.③ Strengthen the school entrance management, do a good job in the work of wearing masks, temperature detection, health code and travel card verification, strengthen the inspection, registration and management of sales and delivery personnel, express delivery personnel, irrelevant personnel are not allowed to enter the campus.Advocate personal protection and disinfection measures when students receive takeout and express delivery, promote contactless delivery and takeout locker.(4) Establish a health monitoring system for faculty, staff and students, do a good job of tracking the movement of teachers and staff, health status investigation, morning (afternoon, evening) check-up, sickness absence registration, report, tracking and other “daily report” and “zero report”, appropriately increase the frequency of nucleic acid testing.(5) Staff, students and their co-living personnel should be fully vaccinated, and personal protection should be paid attention to after vaccination.Advocate to adopt “home – school” two-point life mode, do not go to crowded places, try not to eat out.(6) Strictly control the gathering activities, can be through the network video or advance recording of meeting materials and other ways to hold school meetings.Faculty and staff are encouraged to adopt networked, paperless offices to reduce close contact.⑦ Take batch, timeshare and other ways to avoid peak, wrong time to eat, reduce the number of teachers and students in the same period of time to eat, reduce the density of dining places.⑧ Avoid face to face dining and dining in groups, dining interval in more than 1 meters, do not communicate in dining, less talk.Site management ① All kinds of living, learning and working places (such as classrooms, dormitories, libraries, student laboratories, sports venues, dining halls, teachers’ offices, toilets, etc.) strengthen ventilation.Ventilate at least 3 times a day for at least 30 minutes each time.Break the window as far as possible ventilation, mechanical ventilation can also be used.If an air conditioner is used, ensure that the air supply system is safe, that sufficient fresh air is input, and that all exhaust air is directly discharged outdoors.(2) Strengthen surface cleaning and disinfection, keep classrooms, dormitories, libraries, dining halls and other places clean and clean, and regularly disinfect and record every day.Wipe and disinfect door handles, faucets, stair handrails, dormitory bed fences, indoor fitness equipment and other high-frequency contact surfaces in time.③ The canteen should minimize the use of public tableware and encourage students to bring tableware.Public tableware to strengthen cleaning and disinfection, one person with a disinfection.Strengthen the school cold chain food procurement, storage, processing and other links of health and safety management, strictly implement the food purchase inspection record system.④ The dormitory should be cleaned regularly and do a good job of personal hygiene.Bedding and personal clothes should be washed regularly and dried regularly.⑤ Strengthen garbage classification management, timely collection and transportation, and do a good job of garbage container cleaning and disinfection treatment.⑥ Do a good job in the management of campus express station, timely cleaning and disinfection of express delivery vehicles and express outlets.The Courier station should be well ventilated.⑦ Set up emergency areas, set up nucleic acid sampling sites on campus according to local conditions, faculty and staff or students with suspected symptoms, immediately in the emergency area for temporary isolation and timely medical treatment.In case of confirmed, suspected and asymptomatic COVID-19 cases, the relevant premises should be subjected to terminal disinfection under the guidance of local disease control and prevention institutions, and the air conditioning and ventilation systems should be cleaned and disinfected. They can be reopened only after being evaluated as qualified.Editor: Ran Huayang Editor: Shu Xuhui

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