Newcastle united personnel list: this squad thickness can avoid relegation?

The end of the winter transfer window, Newcastle as winter window in the team the most and they also let fans insight into what is called “money ability”, after the winter window, Newcastle united’s squad thickness has been greatly promoted, of course even lineup thickness increased, their goal is still avoid relegation, as long as the complete avoid relegation, everything to say.And recently, England media on the inventory of Newcastle position personnel configuration, while giving a question, such a lineup can complete relegation?As shown in the figure, Newcastle’s squad thickness for the second half of the season is, the goalkeeper position on the main goalkeeper is Dubravka, the two backup goalkeeper is Daro and Gillespie;In defence, the main left back is the new arrival Takiet, and the two substitutes are Jamal and Ritchie;The starting right-back is Tripper, and the two substitutes are Manquillo and Kraft.The left central defender is Dan Bourne, the two reserves are Scheer and Dummett, the right central defender is laselles, the reserves are Clark and Fernandez.I have to say, this is at least the premier League’s quasi – class backcourt.The midfield, the left midfield is the main jorrington, the replacement is Hayden;Guimaraes is the main midfielder, substitute shelvey, willock is the main right midfielder, substitute Longstaff.The front trident, the left wing main force is SAN Maximan, substitute is Murphy;The center position is Wilson, backup wood and Gayle;On the right wing, almiron is the main player, with Fraser as a substitute.It can be said that Newcastle have a lot of premier League players up front, such a configuration in the Premier League is absolutely quasi-first-class standard.Given Newcastle’s current set-up, the squad is not strong enough to qualify for the title or the Champions League, but at least mid-table in the Premier League and should be safe from relegation.With roma fourth from bottom Norwich a point and a game in hand, Newcastle’s chances of avoiding relegation remain high.Just don’t know, Eddie Howe can use these players, really help Newcastle finish relegation?Do you think Newcastle can avoid relegation this season?

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