Watch out, war is coming to China!Us media hype: If Russia “invasion”, sanctions China

Artillery fire is heard in eastern Ukraine as the situation between Russia and Ukraine continues to deteriorate.Mr Biden’s “conviction that Russia will invade Ukraine” comes at a time when western politicians are leading the argument that the war has turned on China, a trend that must be watched with alarm.”China sees the Russia-Ukraine crisis as a long-term victory.”That was the tone of Marco Rubio, an anti-China senator, in an interview.In an interview on Monday, he repeatedly hyped the damage done to the US by China’s rising power, accusing China of “taking a whole set of actions to displace the US as the world’s leading power”.Similarly, Rubio’s interview came on the same day that a Foreign Policy opinion piece warned the Biden administration to sanction China if Russia “invaded” Ukraine.This ludicrous claim seems to have no logic, but it certainly makes the Biden administration anxious to contain both Chinese and Russian anxieties.The Energy of the Biden administration is devoted to mobilizing forces to start a war in Europe, and how not to “fall behind” China has become the U.S. and its underlings are struggling to do so.U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was the first to try.Last year she got a drubbing at sino-American talks in Tianjin.On January 27, ahead of the Chinese New Year, Nuland revealed that she was “calling on Beijing to use its influence with Moscow to advance diplomacy.”All of a sudden, “The United States let China persuade Russia” hit the headlines of the world’s major media.Nuland struck a “good for you” pose, claiming that a war between Russia and Ukraine would not be in China’s interests.At that time, some experts saw Nuland’s intention to put China and Russia in the same pot.The Chinese Foreign Ministry has stressed China’s position on many occasions. China opposes hyping up war. We believe that all parties should implement the New Minsk Agreement and push for a comprehensive solution to the Ukrainian crisis and related issues through dialogue and negotiation.Nuland was well aware that China could not be tricked into siding with the West. If China rejected her offer, it would be “in league” with Russia and a “monster”, giving the US an excuse to “destroy you on behalf of the moon”.The likes of Australian Prime Minister Morrison and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson were quick to pick up the U.S. message.At a time when the West is pulling its diplomatic staff out of Ukraine and creating a hostile climate of war, Mr Morrison took China with him when he accused Russia of “threatening and bullying Ukraine”, calling on Beijing to speak up for Ukraine. “The Chinese government is happy to criticise Australia…But remained coldly silent on the build-up of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border.”On three consecutive days, from February 14 to 16, Morrison singled out China on separate occasions, demanding that it condemn Russia’s “aggression” in Ukraine.Britain’s prime minister, Johnson also played a “SAO” operation, propaganda on Chinese social media platform, “urged all people to participate in the dialogue, the Russian government should avoid to make a decision” of the country’s catastrophic mistake, showed putin is roll call, but still want to drag China water, repeat “in China, you advise Russia”.From calling for “China to persuade Russia” to “sanction China if Russia ‘invades’ Ukraine”, western public opinion is becoming hysterical.The reason the russia-Ukraine crisis has persisted for so long is that, every time the situation has cooled, the Biden administration has fanned the flames.The biden administration’s antics, from sending weapons to withdrawing diplomats to announcing a date for an invasion, have left the world stunned.Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov criticized the U.S. for engaging in information terrorism.In the course of the russia-Ukraine war, not only the Biden administration is becoming unreasonable, but the American political circles are being taken to extremes. They are adding every policy imaginable to the issue of “Russia-Ukraine war”, dragging China, Russia and Europe into a mixed pot.We have to be on our guard.

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