Zhao ‘an County Education Bureau Party branch and county education supervision office party branch volunteer service team actively involved in the community “epidemic” line

According to the deployment of the Party Committee of the County Education Bureau, on the afternoon of March 25, a volunteer service team of party members from the Party branch of the Zhao ‘an County Education Bureau and the Party Branch of the County Education Supervision Office sent masks, protective suits, isolation suits, medical caps, disinfectant and other epidemic prevention and control materials to the Dongmen community of Nanzhao Town, helping the community fight the epidemic with practical actions.Prevention and control of the epidemic is urgent.For days, the rain continued, but could not stop the footsteps of the party member volunteer service team.The service team went into the community, went from door to door to publicize the knowledge of COVID-19 prevention and control, patiently answered people’s questions, and reminded residents to take self-protection measures.In the main road of the community, temperature was checked, personnel information was registered, health code was checked, trip code was checked…At every step, the service team is patient and meticulous.The service team also assists community workers in volunteer activities such as personnel identification and environmental eradication, strengthening services and ensuring that community prevention and control measures are effective.To cooperate with the community prevention and control work, the county education bureau party branch and county education supervisor office quickly responded to an appeal by the education bureau of the party committee and party branch organization urgently needed by service actively to the community and docking, active in the community “epidemic” line, participated in voluntary service, give full play to the role of party organizations fighting forts and members of the cutting edge exemplary role.(Source: Zhangzhou Zhao ‘an County People’s Government website)

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