Agent: James career difficulty at least equaling Jordan!He’ll get more praise after he retires

According to a February 18 report, James agent Rich Paul recently spoke to the media about James and Jordan.Back in 2016, when James led the Cavaliers from a 3-1 finals deficit to win the NBA Finals with 73 wins and unanimous MVP votes, rich Paul and others backed James to pass Jordan for first in history.Now in an interview, Rich Paul doesn’t rank James and Jordan in history, but says James’ career is at least as difficult as Jordan’s.Rich Paul put it this way: Lebron’s career has been just as difficult, if not as difficult, as Jordan’s.There are many reasons for this, and I think the biggest reason is that everyone wants to see you go the same way.Indeed, even die-hard Joe “American Yang Yi” Stephen A. Smith agreed that Jordan had the better playoffs, but James had the better Finals opponents.James led the team to the finals in his senior year, which was very difficult in itself, and against the peak Spurs, that loss is a probability event.In his senior year, Jordan was criticized for not being able to score and not win.James went up against the Golden State Warriors and got two all-star teammates injured just when he could have killed the dynasty.So, if Jordan had played in the Finals instead of Lebron, he would have had seven finals and three championships.So James’s career is at least as difficult as Jordan’s.As for Rich Paul saying, “Everyone wants to see you go the way you did,” what about that?In fact, it is very easy to understand, is to James like Kobe Bryant, imitate Jordan.Kobe is the most successful Jordan impersonator, although he is only the 10th most famous player in history, but he is still respected by the media.The media loves Kobe, but not Lebron too much.As a result, James is often smeared by the media. Even old acquaintances of Jordan say that Jordan called the media to tell them not to smear James all the time.Rich Paul explained it this way: When James was a kid, the consensus wanted him to play like Michael Jordan.Jordan was expected to talk about James in every arena, but he didn’t want to.People still want Jordan to be James’ friend, but Jordan probably won’t be.The consensus would prefer James to be like Michael Jordan, but James wants to be himself.Rich Paul thinks Lebron is underrated, so he’ll get even more praise when he retires.Rich Paul said a lot of people wanted to see James fail, rather than rooting for him from the start.That’s true. Lebron got the short end of the stick.Stars like Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, and Allen Iverson, who peaked too soon, fell off the pedestal early, and ended up being the objects of youth.James is the best veteran player in history, competing with Shaquille O ‘Neal and Tim Duncan and now with Doncic, Zion and Morant, and a 37-year-old scoring champion, first-team MVP and no. 1 player in the league, so it’s easy to pick on him.So When James retires, he’ll get more accolades and a chance to compete more closely with Jordan for first place in history.

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