Department joint exercise to enhance the ability to maintain traffic

Brigade joint multi-sectoral XiBao squadron is high in slow traffic chang drill for tomb-sweeping day security ramming basic tomb-sweeping day is coming, the highway is bound to bring a new peak, to improve the ability of traffic bao chang, resolutely put an end to the other incident prompted a secondary road congestion and traffic accident, on March 24 in the afternoon,Xibao Squadron of the High Traffic Brigade, together with sanqiao Toll Station and road administration departments, organized an emergency exercise on road traffic delay and blockage to further improve the area’s rapid response and on-site disposal capabilities, and quickly and efficiently drege roads to ensure smooth traffic.At 15:00, in the sanqiao management office, xibao Squadron sanqiao checkpoint, road administration, toll collection personnel were divided into three groups, lined up in order, the field commander of the drill personnel arrangements and matters for attention made an explanation, clear their respective division of labor and responsibilities.The exercise assumes that there is a serious traffic jam at the xixing Expressway main line toll station.After the drill began, according to the work plan formulated in advance, the personnel of all departments quickly arrived at their posts, and the on-site diversion group, diversion control group and warning group quickly engaged in the battle of dredging and maintaining smooth traffic.Checkpoint police immediately set up safety cones, diversion signs and other safety protection facilities at the scene, and actively took control measures to do a good job of diversion and diversion of the main line of vehicles, focusing on the diversion of vehicles in the direction of Xi ‘an around the city entrance.Under the unified command, the drill was carried out in an orderly manner.The whole exercise lasted for more than 30 minutes. With the close cooperation of all combat units, the traffic pressure on the congested road section was relieved and the road resumed normal traffic, ensuring the safety of all work during combat.After the drill, participating departments put forward their own views and opinions on the problems in the work and the drill situation, and further improved the plan for the work of dredging and maintaining smooth traffic.This drill is to further improve jurisdiction road ability to cope with emergency disposal, enhanced the cooperative engagement capability of each department, interaction ability, rapid response ability, information communication and publish, highlight the road congestion emergency disposal of the characteristics of fast and smooth, efficient, maximum protection of people’s life and property security,Ensure the road traffic safety and smooth under complicated conditions, to achieve the expected purpose of the exercise.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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