Fierce!A “small county” in Hainan has spent 970 million yuan to build a new campus, covering an area of 355 mu, which has been put into use

Hainan boasts beautiful landscapes and rich tourism resources. The sunny beaches attract tourists from all over the world to stop and play, which contributes to the economic development of Hainan.Education has always been the fundamental industry of the society, and the link of talent training has always been attached great importance. The state has invested a lot of effort in the construction of colleges and universities, and the construction of basic education has also become the focus. Many regions are building schools to expand their development, and Hainan Province is the same.I believe that for Hainan province, people will think of sanya, Haikou and other well-known cities, but some small counties, the educational industrial structure is not very perfect, need to be further improved and upgraded!Now, visiting a small county in Hainan, a new school has been built at a cost of 970 million yuan, which is amazing.01 northwest a “small county” lucky!The name of the new school is Meilun new campus of Hainan Middle School. As we all know, Hainan Middle School is a high quality school in the local middle school. Every year, it cultivates numerous students with high scores in examinations.Now hainan Middle School has built a new campus, and the cost is a large sum of money, 970 million yuan for the construction of the new campus to protect!Netizens were surprised that the new campus was located in a small county, covering an area of 355 mu, and wondered which small county was so lucky.The school is located in chengmai County in the northwest, which is not too far from haikou, the provincial capital. This county has a long cultural heritage. In recent years, the local government has attached great importance to the development of the education industry and invested a lot of financial support to this end.The school completed construction at the end of June last year, and welcomed the first batch of new students in the fall. Many netizens are optimistic about the school. Xiaopian believes that nowadays education is developing in all regions, but for small counties, it should be more so.In order to solve the school pressure of the majority of students, we should vigorously build new campuses and expand the degree, which is not only beneficial to students, but also can boost the school’s level of education. I hope the future development of this school can be better and better, please look forward to it.Want to know more exciting content, pay attention to Xiangyang talk education

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