Hami rotary fan installation skills

The installation of three leaf Roots blower is also a technical work, each component needs to follow its installation requirements and specifications, in order to accurately install the fan.Let’s take a look at the installation requirements of the Three Leaf roots blower.One, three leaf Roots blower fan installation requirements.(1) The foundation should be firm and the surface should be smooth and 10-25cm above the ground;(2) Enough space should be left around the fan to meet the needs of maintenance and disassembly;(3) The ambient temperature of the fan shall not exceed 40℃.If more than, cooling measures should be taken, otherwise the service life of the fan should be shortened;(4) When the fan is configured outdoors, please set up an awning.Two, three – leaf Roots blower pipe requirements.(1) Fan pipes should be tightly connected without air leakage, and supports should be set in appropriate positions;(2) The pipe should be able to withstand the exhaust temperature and pressure (try to use steel pipe);(3) The inside of the pipe should be clean, without foreign matter and avoid sundries;(4) One-way valve should be installed on the pipeline to avoid the backflow high-pressure gas caused by the reversal of the fan from entering the fan and damaging the fan.Note: check valve should be installed on horizontal pipeline;(5) In the case of multiple fans running in parallel, each pipe must be set gate valves (when one of the fans is repaired, the pipe can be cut off);(6) The exhaust valve should be set on the pipeline to avoid starting the fan with load.After no-load start, the fan should gradually close the exhaust valve.When operating with load, the exhaust valve should also be opened to confirm that the fan is not loaded, and then shut down the fan.Three, three leaf roots blower before the operation of matters needing attention :(1) whether there is a mixture, pipe error, whether the valve is fully open.(2) Before installing roots blower, please check whether the base bolts are locked.(3), please confirm whether roots blower screw pin locking and check valve are normally opened.(4) Whether the piping increases the unnecessary load of roots blower.(5) Please make sure that the lubricating oil reaches the red point in the center of the oil mark, too much will be discharged automatically.The above content respectively introduces the installation requirements of Yeroz blower fan and pipe as well as the precautions before the operation of the equipment, hoping that users can run the equipment smoothly.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Triangsheng Roots fans

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