Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone, a blessing land for entrepreneurs!

It is the only featured platform in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area with the theme of scientific and technological innovation. It boasts vibrant development and outstanding innovation capability. It has a beautiful ecological environment.Here is the Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Joint Venture Zone located in Futian. Today, with Xiao Fu, we will listen to the entrepreneurship story of 7 enterprise founders in Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Joint Venture Zone.Founded by a team of professors and doctors from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, it is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the development of semiconductor biochips and real-time nucleic acid molecular in vitro diagnostics technology.Gao Yibo believes that the location of futian is better, and it is closer to Hong Kong and alumni. Biomedicine and semiconductor are the two major development industries in Hetao, which are just in line with his own projects…Shenzhen appropriate far intelligent technology co., LTD founder Wu Zhili Wu Zhili in tsinghua gao to college for a scholarship program have the opportunity to come to Hong Kong, and most where he completed his studies, and engaged in postdoctoral research in Leeds, professional and has been in the field of computer and graphic processing,At the same time, the whole start-up companies have been relocated to The Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone, which is a new starting point with new challenges!On the origin of the venture, Peter Wu recalled that there was a genuine connection with Fukuda, and the first company to launch ten years ago also started there…Eric Ho, CEO of Sugarang Information Technology, at jin MAO Tower in Futian District, Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province, where Eric Ho’s company is based.Speaking of the experience of doing business in Shenzhen many years ago, he still vividly remembers it.In 2018, Yiu Wai Ho led 11 professors and students from Universities in Hong Kong and Macao to the Hong Kong and Macao Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Workshop in The Shenzhon-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone in Hetao, and founded Sugar Information Technology Co., Ltd. to develop the blood glucose smart wear project.Here, he enjoys a series of preferential policies such as low rent, talent housing, policy interpretation and market resource docking.To grasp innovation is to grasp development, innovation is to seek the future.Shenzhen as the bridgehead of the bay area development, scientific and technological innovation in recent years, major platform construction, infrastructure, guangdong cooperation aspects play a role of the core engine, and the Hong Kong university in Hong Kong science and technology innovation cooperation zone chang fu jin MAO tower opened new incubator, as the Hong Kong university alumni Peng Huajun is applied for in the first time.His technology founder DiaoYi DiaoYi company was registered in Hong Kong at first, the familiar environment did not make them yourself with the status quo, in the vigorous development of the mainland market integrated circuit semiconductor industry, the team has decisively out of the comfort zone, came to the monohydrate of the hetao technical innovation zone, shenzhen and Hong Kong infuse new power for the dream!The founder of Xianyang Technology dINK “be sincere and down-to-earth”, which is the belief that dink always keeps in mind since he started his business, but also the vane that guides him all the way forward.He also brought this entrepreneurial concept to The Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone, where he met like-minded entrepreneurial teams, who fought side by side and worked hard for their dreams together!Chan Sheng, founder of UNI Hong Kong Youth Entrepreneurship Space, is a Hong Kong native.When he was a child, as his family moved to Shenzhen to take other means of transportation back to his hometown, the city in his mind changed from the noisy Luohu railway station to the modern financial center.After graduating from university, he entered an enterprise and took office. Due to his working relationship, he often had to come and go between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Seeing the rapid development of Shenzhen, Chen Sheng initiated the idea of starting a business in Shenzhen……Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone is a national strategic platform and the only featured platform with the theme of science and technology innovation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.In recent years, more than 140 high-quality projects, including the Two drug and Device sub-centers of the State Food and Drug Administration and the Quantum Science Center of the Greater Bay Area, have been launched, and nine projects of five Universities in Hong Kong have been signed and settled, providing important platforms for talent innovation and entrepreneurship.The construction of Huanggang Port Super Bay Area hub is fully rolled out, and the construction of Nanhua Village international talent residential area is accelerated, so as to provide first-class supporting environment for attracting and relocating employees.It has taken the lead in issuing the “policy Package” for scientific research management system innovation and the “Shenzhen-Hong Kong Joint Policy Package” to “loosen the ties” for scientific research talents and make innovation and entrepreneurship talents move forward more “lightly”……Plant the parasol tree, draw the phoenix.Major strategies, platforms and projects have created boundless development opportunities and provided a broad stage for entrepreneurs, builders and strivers to realize their wonderful lives.Here, stories of talent cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship are staged every day.- END – source | nan yue

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