Lingshang family in zhejiang beautiful village, “a sheep enriches a village”, wenzhou self-driving travel good place

Spring is coming, if the rapeseed flowers by the nanxi River are open, it is a golden, jubilant color, I like to place myself in the flowers, but also love this season opened by the small purple flower, called Chinese milk cloud.These days, Wenzhou or rainy, walking in the street, see bare trees, there are buds, that magnolia some have thanked, the weather is a little bit cold.I remember the scene when I gathered with you on the ridge and a group of people were holding the lamb chops. The lamb was so fragrant…Lingshang people in Yongjia County Hesheng town, from the Nanxi River Stone mast-rock scenic small three Gorges entrance about 3 kilometers.As early as during the Reign of Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty, there were families living here. Many people like this ancient village with a history of more than 400 years.The architectural style of the whole village is very simple, similar to stilted buildings, and the surrounding landscape.This sheep, not a few times by our light, usually we will point a pot of wine, especially in winter, the yellow wine + ginger + eggs, drink a few, the whole person will warm up.In earlier years, when night fell, there were only a few lights on;Now, the night scene here is also good-looking, waiting along the stream, strewn at random houses, in colorful lights, lanterns set off, more beautiful.Last time, we went to the ridge after shooting the stone masthead. On that day, there were many people on the road and we were stuck at the entrance of the village for a long time.The moon hung high in the sky, parked my car, stomach purring straight, the taste of the sheep is even more beautiful.Every family in this village sells hand-picked mutton chops.I have been here many times, once at the village chief’s house, at the top of the hill;Once at Baiyun’s, apart from a roast lamb, I also ordered fried double noodles, fried field snails, boiled dumplings, and this fermented pigeon egg. If I don’t drive, I can eat it and drink more bowls. I really like the taste.Often friends consult weekend where to eat where to play?As for me, I like to go to Yongjia.Long 300 li Nanxi River, everywhere is beautiful scenery.Lingjia ancient village, there are a lot of ancient trees, in which, what you see is a straight towering trees.Late autumn early winter, here yew fruit, fruit is high, tiptoe, or can not reach.Nanxi River, the birthplace of landscape poetry, attracted generations of literati, Meng Haoran “ask fellow passengers, when to Yongjia?”Su Dongpo “said that the chief such as ling Yun, can make jiangshan like yongjia”.The water of nanxi River is known as “the best water in the world”.Nanxi River is full of beautiful scenery, ancient villages, fields, ancient roads, through the ground, the good memories left, a think of, and thinking of the next station nanxi River.In the pavilion of Furong Ancient Village, there were many villagers sitting and chatting;The waterfall of Shimentai is beautiful;Jiuzhangdian garden creek beach is very beautiful;I like to fold rocks and float water in the stream.Also like to sit as a Complex boat, feel the slow here;Cangpo Ancient village is also my favorite place;The water here is so charming, in the winter, looking at the cold, in the summer, you will love.Stop and go, record the most beautiful scenery in the eyes;Stop and go, record the cycle of four seasons;Stop and go, count the good times.An unforgettable culinary journey that brings back fond memories of traveling with you.There is a 30-meter-long cable bridge at the entrance of the village on the ridge.Under the bridge the stream gurgling, here gathered into dozens of meters wide green pool, clear to see the bottom, the deepest about two meters.There are many tourists in the water to play, fishing, swimming, catch snails…

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