Objective comparison of Honor 60 Pro and Vivo S12 Pro!You’ll know who to choose when you’re done

The mobile phone world has been very busy recently, with a number of new flagship phones coming out one after another, officially starting the “flagship war” in 2022.And in the high-end market, honor 60 Pro and Vivo S12 Pro strength battle also caused a lot of people’s attention, the positioning of the two models are similar, configuration has a bright spot, let many people make the choice of difficult disease.To answer the question of whether the Honor 60 Pro or Vivo S12 Pro is a better buy, we took a look at the two models today and you’ll know what to choose from.Vivo S12# (left: Vivo S12 Pro;First, let’s take a look at the exterior design of these two models.To be sure, both models have their own style and are highly recognizable.However in the body specifications, the two models have shown a big difference.The Honor 60 Pro is 8.19mm thick and weighs 192g.The Vivo S12 Pro is only 7.36mm thick and weighs 171g.In contrast, the Vivo S12 Pro will be thinner and lighter, providing a more comfortable grip and making it user-friendly for those with less strength.(Left: Vivo S12 Pro;In terms of specs, the Honor 60 Pro’s advantages are mainly in refresh rate, touch sampling rate and battery life.It supports 120Hz refresh rate and 360Hz touch sampling rate, with better performance in terms of picture smoothness and control response speed.At the same time, it also has a 4800mAh battery +66W fast charging battery charging combination, in the battery and charging speed is also more advantageous.On the processor side, the Vivo S12 Pro’s Flagship Breguet 1200 processor is expected to outperform the Glory 60 Pro’s Snapdragon 778G Plus.We can’t understand the actual performance of the two models more accurately only by comparing the parameters.To this end, I carried out an Rabbit rabbit run points test on these two models.According to the running score, the measured running score of Vivo S12 Pro is more than 710,000, which is quite excellent among the models with the same gear.The Honor 60 Pro has a running score of 540,000 + points, which is a big difference compared to Vivo S12 Pro, indicating that the Performance of Vivo S12 Pro will be better than the Honor 60 Pro.(Left: Vivo S12 Pro;From my personal experience, Vivo S12 Pro will be faster than The Honor 60 Pro in terms of app opening/installation speed, game loading speed, etc. This is probably due to the better core features of the former.In the context of the game, the two models behave differently.Vivo S12 Pro’s game performance will be better, the actual measurement of the 90-frame version of King of Glory can reach an average frame rate of 89.3, and the frame rate fluctuation during the game is not obvious, meanwhile, the game BOOST mode, magic box breathing reminder and other functions, also greatly improve my game experience.The Honor 60 Pro does have some game optimizations, but it is limited by the hardware itself and performs only moderately well in high-load scenarios.On the image side, vivo S12 Pro and Honor 60 Pro both performed quite well, but their power points were different.Vivo S12 Pro has even more advantages in taking portraits and long shots. It is equipped with more advanced beauty algorithms to help you take realistic and natural high-quality touching photos easily, and it also supports 20x digital zoom to help you capture beautiful scenery from afar.The Honor 60 Pro focuses on ultra-wide-angle scenes, with a 50-megapixel rear ultra-wide-angle lens for higher-resolution, wide-angle shots.(Top left: Honor 60 Pro;Bottom right: Vivo S12 Pro) and finally, the price.Honor 60 Pro does not offer 8GB+128GB version, 8GB+256GB version price is 3699,12 GB+256GB version price is 3999;Vivo S12 Pro is available in three storage versions, you can choose a larger space, 8GB+128GB version price of 3199,8 GB+256GB version price of 3399,12 GB+256GB version price of 3699.At a price point, vivo S12 Pro does smell better.(Left: Vivo S12 Pro;In general, the Honor 60 Pro and Vivo S12 Pro each have their own highlights. It’s hard to say who wins and who loses. Just choose according to your own needs.For those who are more interested in battery life and ultra-wide-angle shooting, I recommend the Honor 60 Pro.Vivo S12 Pro will be more suitable for those who pay attention to handle, performance and game experience.

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