Virtual person track in full swing, B station wholly-owned shares virtual image company change goodwill network

In recent years, with the rapid development of idol culture and live broadcast culture, virtual people have entered the public horizon.Avatars that rely on technology for presentation have become popular with investors.Ali, Tencent, Baidu, Zijie, B station and other Internet companies have layout virtual people, NetEase this year is 6 times investment virtual people related enterprises.Pine cones of finance and economics, according to 36 kr, check the App shows the inner eye, recently, the Shanghai moved its network technology co., LTD., industrial and commercial change, chengdu peak farce day for venture investment center (limited partnership), and other three partnership from shareholders, new B magic power station affiliates Shanghai information technology co., LTD. For its shareholders and a wholly-owned holding;The legal representative of Tang Jiajun changed to Zheng Binwei.Public information shows that the company is a new Internet company focusing on virtual image incubation and virtual social networking, and its software Copyrights are mostly related to virtual images, including 3D virtual idol live broadcast software, virtual image face synchronous mapping live broadcast system, etc.However, the commercialization ability of virtual human is still not clear, and it is still in the exploratory period. Most enterprises are still looking for the most suitable commercialization mode.The commercialization path of virtual human can be divided into C end and B end.The C-end market mainly focuses on fan traffic, such as IP peripheral sales, brand advertising and live rewards.According to bilibili’s revenue of virtual hosts in November last year, the total revenue of virtual hosts reached 54.66 million yuan, with 255,000 subscribers. The top virtual host, “Carol”, earned 2.14 million yuan in a single month.The B-end market mainly provides virtual human technology, incubation operation and other services for enterprises.For example, star virtual image product line of sub-world culture, brand and IP customization product line, virtual person IP agent operation and other businesses.It is revealed that virtual Film has also received requests from Internet companies, consumer brands and banking institutions to create virtual human images. For example, AIYA, the virtual brand officer created for Baixin Bank AIBANK, has been released recently.Although virtual human has a broad application prospect in the future, it still faces some challenges and factors restricting the development of the industry.On the one hand, the influence of virtual people is still radiating in a small circle, and it needs to attract more public attention.On the other hand, the scene application of the virtual human industry is still too few, and most business models are still stuck at the level of virtual idols, which needs to be further explored.For more highlights, check out Pinecone Finance

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