Barber doubled, take-out doubled!Have you encountered the “Spring Festival price hike”?

Every lunar New Year holiday will spend money everywhere perm hair coloring, buy some new clothes, shopping, watching movies, and so on in go out to buy something but always one to what all prices during the Chinese New Year movie tickets who don’t want to in a fun to go out to see a movie? Especially during the Chinese New Year Spring Festival blockbuster gathered under the condition of the movies is a good entertainment but open ticket software at 60Many people like to have a new hairstyle during the Spring Festival, which means to start from scratch in the New Year. However, the price of starting from scratch is not cheap.Prices will rise more ▼ vegetables small make up price rises is found that most of the vegetables meat rose is more Courier fee along abundant, jingdong, zhongtong, shentong, yuantong, YunDa rookie wrapped up, a rabbit, and so on more than 10 enterprises were announced “the Spring Festival is not close,” motion, zhongtong, extremely rabbit express clearly sent item cost increases will be temporary.According to the announcement of SF Express, due to the Spring Festival mailing peak, external resources shortage and other factors, some products from January 10 to February 6 will charge a certain amount of resource regulation fees.Zto Express also issued a price increase notice, the guide price during the Spring Festival is: the express weight of less than 1 kg, the increase is not more than 1.5 yuan per single;If the express weight is more than 1kg, the price increase of the first weight (1kg) shall not exceed 1.5 yuan/single, and the price increase of the continued weight shall not exceed 0.3 yuan /kg.A rabbit officials also said that during the Spring Festival, influenced by artificial and transportation costs increase, Courier a price is on the basis of the receiver node of the practical need of small adjustments, as a whole, each electric business platform to send a price on the basis of the original price of cooperation, the first heavy (1 kg) price increase not more than 1.5 yuan, to continue to rise no more than 0.3 yuan/kg,Specific delivery price can contact the relevant receiving and receiving outlets for consultation.Delivery fee delivery fee during the Spring Festival is also a turnover times small make up in ripple water people commonly used two delivery platform found distribution fees have risen to $6 each online there are many people poking fun at the Spring Festival period increases serious even a taxi software have different degree of price range and a taxi and a half hours played less than seems to be looking at rising prices during the Spring Festival each year has become a common thing someone think,It is not easy for businesses to raise prices during the Spring Festival. It is understandable that some people believe that appropriate price increases are ok, but inflation is not acceptable. Have you encountered price increases recently?What do you think of the Spring Festival price hike

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