Firefly replacing the Challenger Tank: An analysis of allied tank replacement before the Ardennes Campaign

In 1944, before d-day, the British army once given after landing, how to face the powerful German tiger tanks, therefore can meet the requirements at the time, especially with a urgent need to increase the effective demand of tanks, after thinking in the British army, estimated that only new modified equipment 17 pounds artillery to perform the task,Finally refit in time for 1943, the Firefly, the British army’s first 17-pounder tank, began to replace the older Challenger tanks in the army.By June 1944, 500 fireflies had been fitted with British and Commonwealth forces, including major Canadian, Australian and Polish armoured divisions and reserves, before D.And as a result of an efficient and sustained effort to increase production, by the end of 1944, as the Allies advanced to the Ardennes Front, each British tank platoon was equipped with two Fireflies, an increase of 24 for each armoured regiment.The first platoon consisted of two 75-mm Sherman tanks and two Fireflies.

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