French romance till death do us part!The new DS 9 looks amazing

A car has its own personality. The origin of this personality depends on factors such as cultural background, national style, regional environment, design concept and manufacturing technology.The common features of European cars are excellent mechanical performance and elegant shape.In terms of design style, it presents diversified features, such as luxury and noble British cars, dynamic Italian cars, safe and environmentally friendly Swedish cars, romantic and unruly French cars.Recently, the new DS 9 went on sale.A total of seven models will be launched, with a price range of 254,900 yuan to 404,900 yuan.The new DS 9 is a slightly revamped model, with the main change being the addition of a Paris grey color scheme.In addition, the new car also added the Rivoli Technology edition, which added “smart phone wireless charging” and “sensor rear door” two features, and the price remains the same.On the outside, the new DS 9 makes French fashion clear, with its elegant nose and diamond-cut front air intake grille.Different from conventional models, the new car has a decorative strip in the center of the hood, officially called the “DS Sword”, which uses the unique breech-carving process in high-end watches.Such a design does bring unique visual attributes to the vehicle, but the advanced feel is a matter of opinion.Officially known as the “Paris Lights,” the new car’s LED headlights have an intricate internal structure, with three lenses that automatically flip when activated, creating a sense of ritual.Tie-in lamp cavity interior diamond decoration, starlight bright on the vision.The side-mounted LED daytime running lights are inspired by the high-end pearl necklace, deliberately creating an intermittent visual impression.The new DS 9 has elegant sides and a slim body that makes it even more luxurious.In addition, the new car hidden door handle and body integration, can effectively reduce wind.The rear of the car is simple, but the taillights are unique, inspired by what officials say is the Louvre’s carved 3D rhombus.The interior shape after lighting is very artistic.The interior of the new car is also full of French style, a large area of leather package foil a strong luxurious atmosphere.In terms of configuration, the new car is embedded with a large screen and full LCD instrument, with electronic retaining rod, DS 9 Rivoli technology edition also added smart phone wireless charging function, a sense of science and technology.In terms of power, the new DS 9 fuel version is equipped with a 1.6T engine with 215 HP and 300 NM of peak torque, and an 8-speed manual transmission.The plug-in hybrid, in addition to the nearly identical 1.6T engine, has a motor up to 81.2 kilowatts for a total system of about 250 horsepower.The 12kWh ternary lithium battery can run about 50km on pure electricity according to the WLTP cycle.

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