Courageously beans with Gao Qian’s love and hatred, finally know why Gao Qian hates courageously beans, who doesn’t hate it

Hello everyone!Welcome to watch today’s “Star Too Strange”, mainly tells the story of this day star too Strange and big eye sister in shopping, the weather becomes cold.Glasses sister shiver, star too strange took his scarf to give glasses sister warm.But when Gao Qian was cold, he said, the weak in this weather, I can wear no clothes!Right away, Gauzy started.Anyone with a bit of emotional intelligence knows this is not a good way to do it!Let’s see how it works!This day star too strange and big eye sister two people meet in shopping, then the glasses sister straight shivering, also said the weather cooled these two days!Star is too strange to see glasses sister in the trembling put his scarf to the frog sister.Is really warm man ah!Look at fendou here really hot eyes!Gao Xie sighed. She was a little underdressed!Shivered with cold.At this time the fen dou saw immediately said, weak, this weather Lao Tze don’t wear clothes.Fendou immediately took off his clothes and came out with his little fat.Goxie will be angry, let’s see what Goxie will do to fen Dou!At this time three people just met, frog sister said, yi!Where did the fendou go?Gao Qian said fen Dou said she wanted to find something to meditate on!In fact, at that time, can not help but angry Gao Qian threw the hard beans into the trash can at this time four people ready to enter the library to read, but in need of masks.They are lining up. Fendo and Goxie are behind them.Star tai Chi did not take masks should also not go, then the glasses sister took out a mask said, hee hee, just I took a more.But only one of fendou and Gao Qian wore a mask.This is difficult!At this time of fen dou brainwave, thought of a good way.At this time, fendou went up and pulled the mask and squeezed himself in.He and Gao Qian are wearing masks can go in!At this time of the evening beans also proudly said, two people can wear a mask!When they came out of the library, there was no sign of Fendou.Xingtai chi asks, what about fendou?He wanted to find a place to cool off!Well, this is the end of the story, thank you for watching!For more, check out this anime flavored salad dressing

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