Different move express: ST Wei Wei (600300) March 17 13:16 points sealing limit

March 17 intraday news, 13 points 16 ST Wei Wei (600300) capping limit.The current price is 4.12, up 5.1%.Its beverage dairy sector is currently up.Leading stocks for better blue more.The plant milk, beverage, food concept hot stock, plant milk concept up 4.14%, beverage concept up 3.73%, food concept up 3.55%.In terms of capital flow data, the net outflow of main funds in the last trading day was 17.1159 million yuan, the net outflow of floating funds was 6.7396 million yuan, and the net inflow of retail funds was 9.4383 million yuan.Nearly 5 days of capital flow in a glance see the following table: ST Dimension main indicators and industry rankings are as follows: ST Dimension (600300) stock profile: the above content by the securities star according to the public information, if you have questions, please contact us.

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