Hebei Fengning Court issued a legal risk prevention and control plan for the first time

Hebei news network news (reporter won) to better implement the “three ones” work mechanism, active integrate grass-roots social governance, strengthen the source source of governance, prevention, March 24, manchu autonomous county of chengde city FengNing sand-layered court of the people’s court for district is located in the urban and rural joints, the actual situation of traffic accidents, on the basis of investigation and analysis,The legal risk prevention and control plan was first issued to the local Party Committee and government, traffic police squadron and overload control station.The picture shows tucheng court staff and tucheng related person in charge of the discussion.Tucheng Court is located along national Highway 111, which is the only way to the First grassland in bashang and the National Scenic Road no. 1. It is also an important coal channel, with many large trucks and tour buses.It is reported that the court handles more than 35 traffic accident cases every year.In addition to truck overload, private car drunk driving, speeding are the main reasons for the accident, the steep slope of the mountain, steep curve, the road condition is not familiar.To this end, the Tucheng Court put forward the following suggestions: First, strengthen the publicity of the rule of law, build a firm bottom line of law-abiding.Under the leadership of the Party and the government, various departments jointly publicize traffic laws and regulations through TV broadcasts, wechat, short video platforms and other forms, so as to enhance the awareness of drivers to drive safely and exercise according to regulations;Second, strengthen law enforcement, so that unauthorized driving, overspeed, drunken driving offenders should be punished;3. It is necessary to set more warning signs on accident-prone sections when the road leading to the dam is steep and curved;Fourth, strengthen warning education by popularizing law in cases.Fengning court criminal tribunal and tucheng court together in the town of earth, the Party committee and the government can regularly organize personnel to audit traffic accidents civil, criminal cases, with vivid cases and blood lessons to alert the masses to observe discipline, safe driving.The Tucheng Town Party Committee and government expressed satisfaction and affirmation to the court’s active contribution and initiative to integrate into grassroots governance.

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