Hegang Tanggang New District approved environmental protection grade A performance enterprise

A few days ago, after environmental monitoring in Hebei Province, the national publicity and in the national Ministry of Ecology and Environment for the record, Hegang Tanggang New District officially become A class A environmental performance enterprises.According to the national regulations, environmental protection grade A performance enterprises in the event of heavy pollution weather, off-peak production and other special periods, can independently take emission reduction measures.River steel companies tanggang district approved by the environmental protection grade A performance, to steel group to build green low carbon development model of the river, “the world’s most clean steel” brand, to achieve A higher standard of high quality development, the significance of the landmark, the group practice green development concept, in-depth implementation of the low carbon steel group green river development plan of action is of important demonstration leading role.In recent years, Hegang has actively built a green development path for iron and steel enterprises to meet the requirements of ecological civilization and the strategy of manufacturing power, and continues to lead the green development, sustainable development and high-quality development of the iron and steel industry.We regard green development as the lifeline of our own development. We have invested 10 billion yuan in the project design and construction of the new area, implemented emission reduction at source, process control and terminal treatment, and minimized air pollution. All emission targets are designed to be further reduced by 10% compared with the industry’s most stringent emission standards.At the same time, the process layout design is compact and efficient, helping to minimize carbon consumption and emissions, the highest efficiency, forming a unique advantage of energy conservation and environmental protection.Hegang Tanggang takes the opportunity of creating A class A environmental performance enterprise and strives to create A model of green leadership.Advanced technologies such as desulfurization and denitrification are adopted, and effective pollution control facilities and detection points are equipped for the organized discharge points of each production link and the unorganized discharge points of material storage, material transportation and production process, so that all kinds of pollutants steadily achieve ultra-low emissions.Transportation of bulk materials through belt corridor and secondary sealing, the first operation of hydrogen energy heavy truck and other new energy vehicles in the plant, the implementation of environmental intelligent access control system and logistics, measurement system integration, clean transportation ratio of more than 85%, much better than the A performance of 80% requirements.At the same time, it gives full play to the advantages of digital and intelligent centralized control of environmental protection, and platforms real-time monitoring of environmental protection data, and implements early warning and precise regulation of abnormal changes of indicators in accordance with 80% of ultra-low emission limits, so as to ensure the long-term stable operation of all environmental indicators.(Reporter Han Dong, correspondent Sun Yingjie, Li Jianwei) Source: Tangshan Labor Daily pays attention to Hebei News network, understand the latest news in Hebei.

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