New Chinese style decoration case sharing

New Chinese style is decorated closely “abandon flashy, give priority to with the heart” when talking about why new Chinese style becomes popular style this year, Chinese style style is our Chinese person is unique above all, at the same time new Chinese style reflected the inside collect of our culture to a certain extent, achieve effect through building the space of Zen meaning, quiet atmosphere.This kind of pursuit is contracted, simple and quote the household design of Traditional element of Chinese style has become the one major mainstream that decorates the market.Abandon flashy surface decoration, return to the functional level is a major trend of new Chinese decoration, not for decoration and design, according to the heart to create space, is the new Chinese decoration design needs to follow a principle.New Chinese style style is the design style that has Chinese lasting appeal extremely in interior design, perfect confluence of interior decoration and Chinese element can promote the grade of household adornment whole very well.Now many owners choose new Chinese style decoration style, preference is a kind of artistic conception, a kind of attitude to life.The emergence of the new Chinese style, so that interior design has a new space for progress, it is not only a simple Chinese style, but into the modern design, and not out of touch with the contemporary, this is also the future development and progress of interior design trend, is worth our deep exploration of a design style.Element collocation and clever design, practical and synchronous.The metope adornment of new Chinese style does not go up with old, inflexible drawing equal sign, more it is tendency to be natural, simple and extremely rich refined style.In the decoration details advocating the atmosphere, the pursuit of excellence;In colour collocation, deep and mature, classical and romantic.From a philosophical point of view, Zen pursues the unity of man and nature, the harmony of Yin and Yang, and the artistic conception originating from nature and returning to nature.Specific to the cyclic reciprocation of interior space of new Chinese style design, peak turn, endless, blurred hazy artistic conception, and the poetic and painting meaning that implicit and refined mood place reflects.The new Chinese design of the teahouse will realize the Zen “tao”, which is empty and nameless, not the reason that words can convey.It raises the natural existence and changes of all things in the world to the level of “Tao” to understand and experience, which is exactly what Zhuangzi said: “There is great beauty in heaven and earth without mentioning it, there is bright law in four seasons without mentioning it, and there is reason in all things without mentioning it.The new Chinese style emphasizes winning more with less.When decorating in the bedroom, with the adornment that has charm of spirit of representative Chinese style adorn the head of a bed and metope can.Such as Chinese painting, lamp, purple sand pottery, blue and white porcelain, Chinese knot and so on.Among them, porcelain and flower paintings are most used.As the background wall of the head of a bed, the Chinese style painting with full charm matches the plain and simple bedding suite. The combination of Chinese style and fashion is perfect. Such collocation abandonses the luxurious and complicated decoration, fluently expresses the essence of traditional culture while also giving people a more concise and comfortable visual enjoyment.In interior design of new Chinese style of Chinese architecture with borrow scene, perspective, the landscape of the move to build mode, through the culvert, outdoor landscape, tolerance to the natural beauty, so as to manipulate within the limited space and infinite space outside the natural infiltration and the exchange, the actual phase expression of the space art, zen design principle of dynamic change.

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