SONY gave away 14 chances to get the PS5, but the Internet didn’t buy it

For some official accounts, messages posted on social media can sometimes backfire.And today, we’re talking about SONY, the playstation 5 maker.How old are you?Yesterday, the official PlayStation account posted a post saying that there are 14 opportunities to get the PS5, and the way to participate is quite new.Over the next two weeks, a number of “mystery codes” will appear in unexpected places, including sports, games, movies and music events, officials said. Users will find relevant codes, enter them on the website, answer a question and get a chance to win a PS5.It’s like giving the player a puzzle, and it’s like raiders of the Lost Ark, right?But no, the players were quite negative.Why do people hate this event so much?On the one hand, there are a lot of regions involved in this campaign, but many regions are ignored, which causes dissatisfaction among local players.Places like Brazil, India and mainland China can’t participate in this event, which is a bit boring.For players in these regions, it’s a mistake to send a dedicated red envelope that the group owner can only watch and waste their attention resources.On the other hand, it is possible that netizens have experienced many network companies built hard raffle activities, “every complete a XXX, give a raffle opportunity oh”, the results found that it is really just a chance to send, not winning is another thing.It’s like 99% of the welfare hack on a merchandise platform has multiple decimal places behind it. Don’t ask, don’t tell, hey, just play.”I don’t need you to give it to me for free. I hope you can sell it.”As we all know, due to the shortage of chip supply, the production capacity of PS5 game consoles in foreign countries has not kept up, resulting in many malls are still “out of stock”, scalpers take the opportunity to stock up at high prices, although manufacturers may also be wronged, players are not happy.In the comments section, there were also a number of activision Blizzard players who took the opportunity to persuade fans to switch sides.”I’d rather write a script and try it out one by one than bother to find it,” said another.Even savvy Internet users have found the secret code and left it in the comments section, making it look like some mobile game update will give you some diamonds with exchange codes.So what happened to the 14 chances to win the PS5?Ji which know, who let dafa lock area……Good night

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