The Spring Festival Gala on six platforms, official propaganda resident “The Voice of God”, the Spring Festival busy zhoushen earned

On the first day of the Lunar New Year alone, there are six platforms to broadcast the Spring Festival Gala, namely Beijing SATELLITE TV, Dragon TV, Jiangsu SATELLITE TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV and hundred Flowers Spring Festival Gala.On the first night of the New Year, The name of Zhou Deep one after another boarded the hot search, obviously in a program to see Zhou Deep, change the channel and see him, did not expect during the Spring Festival Zhou Deep is still very busy.”Zhou Deep opera cavity sing jasmine good absolutely”, “Zhou deep love lovely”, “Da Zhang Wei Zhou deep with the whole live double kitchen ecstasy”……In fact, according to the official announcement, the Spring Festival Gala on six platforms during the Week-long Spring Festival is a busy day.According to statistics, zhou Shen started its business as early as the Spring Festival Gala, during which zhou Shen sang “Say Hello”, which became a hot search.Later, in the Spring Festival Gala of Hunan TV, Zhou Shen sang “Life Should Always Face the Light”, which made everyone dream of “Joe’s Daughter”. At that time, many netizens said that the picture quality and sound quality of Zhou Shen’s appearance were improved.On the spring night of the first day of the lunar New Year, Zhoushen Spring Festival Gala was broadcasted by Dragon TV and Jiangsu TV.On Jiangsu TV, Zhou shen sang snow Falling, a beautiful singing and figure skater Chen Lu’s ice dance, the two of the stage that is so beautiful that people can’t help but want to watch the live competition.Of course, since invited Zhou Deep, how can as long as he sings a song, Zhou Deep and Yang Hongji teacher to the performance of the dislocation of time and space, the cooperation of two people can be called perfect.Dragon TV really likes Zhou Shen, you can not only see zhou Shen and Da Zhang Wei’s song medley, but also see them in series.Two of them together. It’s funny.Surprisingly, it is the first time for Zhang Wei and Zhou Shen to cooperate on the stage and perform crosstalk directly on the spot.Although Zhou Shen did not go to Zhejiang SATELLITE TV Spring Festival Gala, but the spring evening CUE to Zhou Shen.After Hu’s performance, the host mentioned the guest lineup for season 3 of The show, and Hu directly said that season 3 will include Hu Yanbin, Zhou Shen and Angela Chang.If people have not gone to Zhejiang SATELLITE TV performance, they have officially announced the family to their trump card sound ensemble “The voice of God,” it seems that after the Spring Festival, Zhou Shen will be busy.In fact, not only the Spring Festival Gala of SATELLITE TV, Zhou Shen also participated in the Hundred Flowers Spring Festival Gala.As we all know, it is an affirmation for an artist to appear on the Spring Festival Gala of hundred Flowers. Zhou Shen sang “Life should always face the Light” in the program.On the Spring Festival Gala of six platforms, enough to see the major platforms like Zhou Shen, and every performance can bring hot discussion, even in the middle of the interview, you can see Zhou Shen’s ability to make stalks at any time.Before the Spring Festival Gala was over, Zhou Shen received a new job as a permanent resident of the ensemble, The Voice of God.This program is really suitable for Zhou Shen, because the form of the program is the cooperation between singers, Zhou Shen is “perfect harmony”, you can imagine what kind of surprise Zhou Shen will bring in this program.In addition to the Spring Festival Gala, Zhou Shen has not stopped, during this time, Zhou Shen has been recording new songs, singing the theme song and so on, as well as the annual ceremony on various platforms.While other artists are still waiting for the announcement, Zhou shen is extremely busy.In fact, since Zhou shen opened his own studio, fans have seen zhou Shen visually busy.Perform OST in film and TV series, release new albums and songs, participate in various variety shows, or resident or flight.In a word, every activity of Zhoushen was very hard, and every song was sung with heart.See so hard up the week deep, the rice are also in the progress.

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