A 55-year-old Chinese woman in Thailand shows off her collarbone. Her oversized jewel earrings are eye-catching. 300,000 Hermes is lying in the corner

Nualphan Lamsam, a Chinese-Thai businessman whose business success is well known, is not only the CHIEF executive of Thailand’s financial giant, but also the patron saint of Thai soccer, who has brought women’s and men’s soccer to the world’s attention.On February 4, local time, Wu Lunpan posted a picture of her beauty on social media.Wearing a white flounces top and light ripped jeans, Ms. Wollenpan would look effortlessly out of place with the standard attire of a contemporary college student.She had a flounces neckline that showed her Pacific shoulders, a deep collarbone, and a fair complexion without a hint of dullness.Brown long hair is scattered by her casually in shoulder, oversized gem earrings very grab an eye, also for the girl feeling full Of Wu Lun hope to increase the domossy female president should have aura.She was photographed in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling window, revealing a corner of the house, where a weighing post has been decorated as a mirror, extending the sense of space and doubling Her beauty.She posed with one hand in front of the mirror, instantly becoming a poster for a youth drama.She then sat down on a white sofa, smiling at the camera with her head tilting and her slender legs showing off her ankles.A dark green hermes rare leather bag, which she conveniently placed in a corner as a background, is reported to be priced at around 300,000 yuan on the secondary market.One of Her many titles is the general agent of Hermes in Thailand, where she will match different handbags according to different clothes and change a customized bag every day, showing the domdomy of a female entrepreneur.With outstanding achievements in business, Woolen pan has no sense of distance in life, and often goes to the football field to communicate with players, just like a sister next door.

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