A “sharp knife” on CNC machine Tool

Reporter zhao Ang, correspondent Yu Wenzhong has excellent skills. He is a “master” with unique skills and leads innovation. He is a “bull man” with outstanding achievements.Persistent, so calm, base stone for home, progressive, so innovative production, fearless challenge.He is Zhejiang Xin zi Seiko machinery Co., LTD. Lathe technician Zheng Zhiqiang.”In 2008, AS soon as I turned 18, I came to Zhejiang Xinji Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. and became an ordinary lathe worker.Every day with lathe company, and CNC lathe programming like a mysterious book elusive, monotonous and boring life for me to adapt.”Zheng Zhiqiang, who knew his weak theoretical foundation, did not shrink back, but decided to break through the barriers of theoretical knowledge.Then, a person, a lamp, a book, became the most true portrayal of him when he was young.Just a few short years time, zhi-qiang zheng foothold official duty post, assiduously business skills, and constantly improve the level of operation and innovation spirit, truly achieve the coolie from a technology, rapid growth for nc machine tools on a “knife”, has won national patent item 16, 120 to participate in the enterprise internal technical improvement project.Individual excellence is not excellence, team excellence is truly excellence.”No matter how high a person’s ability is, his role is limited after all. It is good to cultivate excellent technical personnel for the enterprise.”Zheng Zhiqiang passed on his technical experience to new employees without reservation. Since he started working, he has led 15 technicians and led team members to make progress together.When encountering technical problems, we always think of looking for Zheng Zhiqiang “Zheng master affairs, we rest assured.””Whenever I encounter a problem, as long as I find Master Zheng, he can patiently tell me where the problem is and how to solve it.”Today, with the transformation from “Made in China” to “Made in China”, Zheng Zhiqiang is leading his team to focus on the upgrading and transformation of intelligent and automation projects, living up to the time and pursuing dreams with ingenuity.

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