Liao Zhenfei: There is no end to the road of voluntary blood donation for 16 years

Liao Zhenfei during the blood donation.Rednet moment news On April 1 (reporter Duan Yidan, Li Juan, correspondent Xie Dingju, Xiao Guangwei) At six o ‘clock in the morning of March 30, Liao Zhenfei set out from his home in Dongkou County, and after three hours, as promised, came to shaoyang City central blood bank.Subsequent blood tests showed that the indicators were normal and he met the requirements for blood donation.Under the supervision of the medical staff, he donated two units of blood (equivalent to 400 milliliters of blood).This is liao zhenfei’s 78th blood donation in 16 years, totaling 30,400 milliliters, equivalent to the entire blood volume of seven adults weighing 60 kilograms.Liao Zhenfei, 41, is an ordinary farmer in Heping Village, Shijiang Town, Dongkou County, Shaoyang City. His blood type is rh-negative, a rare rh-negative blood type that only 0.2 to 0.3 percent of people have panda blood, which is often in short supply in clinical practice.”I never knew each other, but I hope I can give them hope through blood in my body.”Since he learned that he is a special blood type, he has been insisting on the road of voluntary blood donation.Liao Zhenfei has won the gold Award of National Unpaid Blood Donation, Hunan Provincial Unpaid Blood Donation, “Hunan Good Man” and the most beautiful Volunteer in Hunan Province.Certificate and honor of Liao Zhenfei’s voluntary blood donation.Liao Zhenfei, a “lone ranger” on the road of voluntary blood donation, grew up in a poor family. He lived with his deaf and dumb mother since childhood, and went out to work after graduating from junior middle school.At the age of 20, he learned about his blood type after a chance blood test, “which was eventually determined to be Rh-negative, commonly known as panda blood.I didn t believe it at the time, but I tested it five times.At first, he didn’t know much about “panda blood”, so he searched for information to learn about it.Knowing that blood can save people, especially rare blood type, can save people’s lives at critical times, so I gradually initiated the idea of donating blood to save people.On May 29, 2007, Liao Zhenfei donated blood for the first time.Since then, he started the “Panda Man” model of voluntary blood donation.Every once in a while, Liao zhenfei goes to donate blood.Because of the long distance, he needs to ride a motorcycle to the town by himself, and then take a shuttle bus to the blood bank in the city center for more than an hour. It takes him a whole day to go back and forth.”I joined the wechat group of the blood bank in the city center and rushed there when I knew the platelet stock was tight.”Liao Zhenfei told reporters that donating blood without compensation not only helped people in need, but also made him a group of good friends with similar interests.Yang Junjun, a staff member of shaoyang Central Blood Station, was impressed by Liao zhenfei: “He is a volunteer of shaoyang blood donation publicity service team. After each blood donation, he also helps the staff to sort out the relevant information of dongkou blood donors. He is very dedicated.”In 2017, Liao started using a machine to collect donated platelets, a component of blood.Whole blood refers to all the components of blood, including plasma and blood cells, while component blood refers to a single component of blood.At present, platelet is the main component blood collected in China.Whole blood can only be collected twice a year, and constituent blood can be donated 24 times a year.’That’s like bringing hope to 24 patients,’ Mr. Liao said, adding that ‘there were a few more rescues.'”You donate blood so often, can you take it?””Blood is so precious, but also old to donate blood, you are not stupid.”At the beginning, Liao Zhenfei’s behavior of donating blood without compensation always attracted people’s inunderstanding. Nevertheless, he patiently explained to everyone: “Blood is of course precious, but the human body has hematopoietic function, and platelets can be restored to the pre-collection level two to three days after donation.”Now, more and more people understand him. With his publicity and drive, many people have joined the team of voluntary blood donation.In order to keep healthy and improve the quality of his blood, Liao zhenfei maintains self-discipline in his life, taking regular physical exercise and always paying attention to his body changes.Liao Zhenfei (third from left) with volunteer blood donors.In order to help more people, Liao applied to join China’s hematopoietic stem cell donor database in 2017. “If a match is successful, I can donate hematopoietic stem cells at any time.”In 2019, he also applied to become a human organ volunteer.Now, he and his son also agreed on a special coming-of-age ceremony, when the son is 18 years old, father and son together to donate blood, continue this love, “life can not wait, nor will it come again, but blood can regenerate, can save a person’s life.Liao zhenfei’s donation of blood to serve the society has touched countless netizens, who have praised his true energy and given him the nickname “Panda Warrior”, “the great warrior who serves the country and the people”, some netizens commented on him.Seeing the nickname given to him by netizens, Liao zhenfei thought of his childhood dream of martial arts, “I most appreciate the Legend of the Condor Heroes, the hero Guo Jing, for the country and the people, regardless of personal danger to help defend Xiangyang, I want to be a hero like Guo One day.I don’t have much money, and I can’t afford to help people.But by giving your blood, you can help others.”It is this simple idea that supports Liao Zhenfei, who runs on the endless road of voluntary blood donation.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original

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