Net country service title is more than the skin of the player, Wu Ritian 20 country service then called god, the target Su Lie

King glory as a domestic audience’s largest mobile game, the player is numerous, so the clothes of the fierce competition, can get the title of a dress was enough to make the host well in live career, of course, a lot of anchor, really depends on a hero to eat for a lifetime, the hand more than three countries clothing is basically is a top player, but as the auxiliary of the recognized god,Oh Won his 20th national server a few days ago. So far, he has won all the auxiliary national servers in the valley of Kings.Wu Ri day always focus on auxiliary, zhang liang has just been officially classified as auxiliary, he scored Zhang Liangguo clothing, in just a few weeks now his kingdom in the clothing tag, 20 is auxiliary, all is so terrible, can win three four national dress of the same profession, may be the result of the training, but 20 has breakthrough the limit of efforts to achieve,You can’t do it without great talent.Interestingly, such a national service honor than the strongest Olympic champion cup more people, skin unexpectedly only 20, can be said to be the most desolate national service players, generally mixed with several national service players, skin is not 100 also 70 or 80, but Wu Ritian only 20 skin behind there is a reason.Wu Ri days when just beginning to play king, suffered a change in the home, from a surplus to bankruptcy for a night, so no money to buy the skin, so have long kept the habit of not to buy the skin, the later 20 are some raffle draw the skin, or a gift, but even have 20 countries, Wu Ri day what also didn’t buy the skin,Most of them are still classic.Although he made a lot of money later, the habit remained.Wu Ri day has experienced the changes of family, let him remember the tough years, therefore he is particularly keen for career, immediately took a dress for the next goal, but also keep the original dress don’t fall, now just get the 20th the clothes, he immediately found the new target, the motivational life, it is our role model.

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