Post-00s College students’ cultural creativity can help good things in their hometown “Go out”

Studying architecture had nothing to do with helping a fellow farmer sell goods.But in the new phase of rural revitalization, Yang Ziyi, then 17 and a freshman at Xi ‘an University of Architecture and Technology in 2019, wanted to give it a try.With the help of her teacher, Yang ziyi and her classmates set up a zuolin project team. Starting from joint field research with local cooperatives in yijun, her hometown, they began to explore a new mode of rural revitalization assisted by college students.To build their own brands to let the good things in their hometown “go out”, “the main problem is the unsalable product”.Research problem oriented, team depth analysis of the appropriate jun county agricultural special products development present situation, consumer demand and competitive advantage, and based on the agricultural development of shaanxi, combining the advantages of subjects, finally decided to excavate the cultural elements of agricultural products, promote agricultural product added value, and through the resources, to expand the market space.Combined with the development needs, the team registered and established Xi ‘an Zuolin Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Zuolin Times Catering Management Co., LTD. “Green and original ecology is the mainstream of today’s diet, only by strictly controlling the quality, we can go more stable and farther.”In order to achieve the goal, the company has established an ecological base and developed a systematic product quality review system to ensure standardized production and green and healthy raw materials.While ensuring the quality of raw materials, the team also gives the agricultural products a visual makeover.Combined with the form and characteristics of different agricultural products, the team redesigned exquisite packaging for agricultural products, and through in-depth research in shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Anhui and other three provinces, 13 cities of 47 counties and regions, developed “ancient city landscape”, “one pot” and other series of products, to realize the value added of agricultural products.”Online sales + offline experience” is another practice of the team’s market expansion.On the one hand, the team carries out self-marketing in channels such as we-media matrix, wechat mini program and online e-commerce, and on the other hand, continuously carries out resource linkage and establishes joint sales cooperation mode with offline brand channel providers to realize double superposition of sales channels.Growth in exploration, harvest in efforts, more than two years, Yang Ziyi and the team created considerable sales.Up to now, the sales radius of zulin brand of agricultural products has expanded from Shaanxi and surrounding areas to the Yangtze River Delta and the northwest economic circle of 45 cities in 6 provinces.Among them, zilin black pork, beibei pumpkin and other agricultural products have radiated to 63 cities in 15 provinces along the Belt and Road.In order to boost regional agricultural exchanges and cooperation, improve the current situation of agriculture Yang Ziyi is not satisfied with this.She said: “the sales of the products is attached, we would prefer to do is to let the gift of nature is known, to create the origin of the gifts people grow, let more people know that in some places, in the countryside the they are worth spending the time to have a look, because they are in the revitalization of China’s new countryside.”And the overall revitalization of the countryside cannot rely on the strength of a single person or team.To this end, Yang ziyi recruited more than 20 graduate and undergraduate students through Zuolin College, and held weekly seminars for local villagers on innovation of young entrepreneurs and livestream training on e-commerce.Through a series of measures, up to now, it has led more than 1200 people to obtain stable employment, greatly improved the sales level of regional crops, and increased the annual income by 10,000 YUAN on average.We are all new farmers walking in the streets and fields. The more solid we walk, the more confident we will be.Seeing more and more young people around her join the team to help and improve agriculture, Yang Ziyi is more and more convinced that the road of rural revitalization based on agricultural revitalization is getting wider and wider.(Shaanxi Bureau of China Daily

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