Premier League: Manchester United VS Southampton at 9pm tonight, Cristiano Ronaldo ready are you ready?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s side have struggled in the past two games against middlesbrough and Burnley, and he has suffered from a lack of form and has even been dropped to the bench by his manager.West Ham and Arsenal will also drop into sixth place, with Tottenham three points adrift of United, who are worse off than they are, having played two games in hand.In contrast, the visiting team Southampton, this is a premier league giants team, the team is ranked 10th in the championship, although it is worth noting that this team win ability is not strong, but not ability is very strong, will lose 1 nearly nine games, nearly seven league also lost one game, the first-leg at face tottenham 3-2 win over opponents,Being unbeaten means they are very consistent in attack, something united have lacked so far.In the last 10 meetings between the two teams, Manchester United have won 4 and drawn 6, and in the last 10 home games against the visitors, they have won 5, drawn 3 and lost 2.Odds to give the home team the game 1.61-4.33-5.16, the probability of first draw the result will be very high, but im more than 4 times more than water level obviously is not shown in the results, another the visitors win 5 times the result isn’t high, pay pressure is not large also, that if a shock, and should be in the guest – as a result,However, the odds are not particularly high as Southampton have already beaten Tottenham in the last round, which reduces the chances of a away result, leaving only a main result.And refers to the aspects of normal instant gave to a depth of the ball, I see even to depth is 1.25 in early trading, this is a very deep, see united in the last few scenes to burnley and middlesbrough, that is, the size of 1.25 to 1, but at present the visitors Southampton, comprehensive strength, much stronger than middlesbrough and burnley out a class,Therefore, it is normal to immediately drop to one goal depth, because the gap between the two sides is not so big at present, so it is also a normal table, and can not be understood as a drop is not a good performance of Manchester United.Even if a goal is 1.04, the visitors are conceding 0.89. First of all, a goal not only requires a winning result for Manchester United, but also requires a net win of more than 2 goals. So let’s first look at how difficult it is for Manchester United to win the result?The answer must be not small, then the difficulty will be more difficult, because Manchester United did not attack performance, in the visitors have a steady goal, Manchester United want to play through even more than three goals, so it is difficult enough for Manchester United.In contrast data details, instant the home team at belongs to the normal range, another is worth reference for half a 0.75, it industry and the gap is 15 points, this is a low amplitude, is half a difficulty for Manchester united will be very big, but in voluntary reduction in amplitude index choice here, also shows at least win for Manchester united, the results ofSo I will be more than happy for United to win at home.Manchester United are favored to win this game

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