The Italians, who can’t live up to their beauty and coffee, look what they’ve done to their coffee.

Celi-cells-ditals official Test site Mia!Learn a thing or two about wine-growing and a bottle of ’82 Lafite for the boss!In Italy, there’s a saying that if you’re at a Bar on a date or talk about work, you both order a cup of coffee.The other party didn’t finish their coffee and let it get cold.When we walk around Italy, the most common thing we see is a Bar. It’s small, but it has everything.Bar is an Italian way of life.Breakfast bread, desserts, snacks, coffee, aperitif, various alcoholic drinks, newspapers, tickets, slot machines, lottery tickets and cigarettes will all be sold in the Bar.In fact, Bar is more like a grocery store at the gate of the urban community, but it is cleaner and clearer.Today to give you a popular science about the type of Coffee in Italy, see abnormal level is a kind of existence?The pursuit of beauty, the pursuit of coffee, The Italian never stop!1) Un Caffe per favore!When we order a Caffe at a Bar, it’s what we know today as espresso.2) Caffe Ristretto is stronger than Espresso and has less caffeine. Ristretto is another version of classic Espresso.3) LungoCaffe Lungo is to let more water flow into the cup.Many people believe that when diluted with water, the caffeine content is lower, and Caffe Lungo has more caffeine than Ristretto or Espresso.4) Caffe Doppio: two shots of coffee in a cappuccino cup.Double happiness!5) Caffe Decaffeinato contains no substances that fight sleepiness or increase concentration, but has a taste of coffee.It’s known as decaffeinated coffee.In Italian eyes, it is unthinkable for some people to drink Cappuccino at lunch or in the afternoon.Cappuccino comes with Cornetto, or croissant, a standard breakfast dish in Italy.Caffe Macchiato CaldoCaffe Macchiato Caldo is another Italian classic that rivals Espresso,In Macchiato FreddoCaffe Macchiato Freddo, the coffee is cold, the milk is usually cold, and the owner of the coffee shop provides a separate cup for the milk, which can be added as needed.9) Caffe Con Panna is made with a lot of whipped cream on top.10) Mocaccino a special coffee that combines chocolate, coffee and whipped cream.Served in a glass, the different layers can be better appreciated.It has chocolate on the bottom, coffee in the middle and whipped cream on top.Common In southern Italy, Caffe In Ghiaccio is made by pouring coffee into a glass filled with ice.12) Marocchino Another classic Italian coffee is Marocchino in a small glass.Marocchino is made by adding a layer of bitter cocoa powder, then espresso, then frothy milk and dusting the cocoa powder on top.13) Crema Al Caffe a relatively new drink that is popular in Italian bars. It is a coffee sorbet mixed in a special machine for those who like sweetness to try.Affogato is made by putting ice cream or cream in a glass and pouring a shot of espresso over it.Caffe Con Nutella O Nutellino is made by adding peanut butter to espresso or spreading hazelnut cream on the rim of a cup with a knife, adding the coffee and then topping with whipped cream.There are many ways to spice up your coffee. The classic is a sprinkle of cinnamon. In the Bar, cardamom, cocoa, vanilla or, for those who want a bit of spice, chilli.17) Latte Macchiato is made by pouring milk, coffee and foam into a tall, narrow glass.18) Caffe Latte is made by mixing hot milk and coffee in a glass.19) Caffe Americano is for those who want to make their coffee taste closer to the American style.It’s simply served in a larger cup, diluted with water, or poured in a small pot of hot water.20) Macchiatone is a cross between cappuccino and macchiato. It is also made in a cappuccino cup, but with less foam.A type of coffee served in a martini cup, shaken with ice and syrup.22) It is completely impossible to find Moka in a Bar.This is the type of coffee that is suitable for home brewing. We always have a Bialetti Moka pot at home and brew our own coffee at home.23) Caffe Valdostano is a good coffee to drink at work with colleagues.It is made by adding sugar, liqueur and lemon and orange zest to the coffee.It is cooked over a fire, cooled, and then poured out of a different pot.24) Caffe Pedrocchi, named after padua’s historic cafe Caffe Pedrocchi, is an espresso served in a large cup with cream and mint and topped with cocoa. 25) Caffe Corretto is often made using anise liqueur,Others add brandy, rum, cognac or whiskey cream.Caffe Al Ginseng is a Caffe Al espresso substitute containing instant coffee, powdered milk, cream, sugar, a small dose of Ginseng root and seasonings.Traditional Italian coffee prefers porcelain cups because it holds the temperature better, but some people prefer glass coffee because the transparency of the glass enhances the color of the espresso and because it supports better foam.29) Caffe Estratto A Freddo is prepared without heating water usually using ice drops, which can be used to extract cold coffee drop by drop.30) Irish Coffee is a Coffee made with Irish whisky, sugar, Coffee and light cream.It features half whipped cream left on the surface.31) Espresso Martini is a cocktail based on vodka, Espresso and coffee liqueur served in a Martini glass.In a cold cocktail glass, shake ingredients and remove ice cubes.For decoration, the surface is topped with three coffee beans.In addition to coffee and ice, almond milk is added instead of sugar to sweeen things up.34) Bicerin: Shake the melted dark chocolate, coffee and cream on top.It’s usually served in a glass.35) Moretta Fanese favorite of sailors, used to warm up and replenish energy.It is prepared in layers in a glass, using liqueur, coffee, sugar and lemon zest.36) Caffe Ammantecato is made with almond milk and hot coffee (or mocha).37) Granita Al Caffe, served with brioche.Crush pure liquorice into powder. Put brandy or cognac in a small glass with a teaspoon of sugar and let burn until the sugar dissolves.Then add the espresso and licorice powder.39) Ponce Alla Livornese It is made with sugar, lemon zest, “rum” (or rum and brandy or rum and pebbles), then boiled and added to the coffee using the steam spout of an espresso machine.40) Caffe Sospeso, a gift given to a stranger to buy someone a cup of coffee.

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