Zhou Tao, former CCTV host: He was the host of the Spring Festival Gala for 16 consecutive years. How is his life now

If you want to see what the beauty of Jiangnan is like, look no further than Zhou Tao.She is a very typical Oriental lady Wei Wan, but when people see her, they think of the scenery in the South of the Yangtze River, she always speaks quietly, just like the spring rain into people’s hearts.However, her personality is quite contrary to her appearance. In the eyes of the public, she is an uninhibited new age woman who changes jobs at any time.But she definitely can’t be defined in one way.Zhou Tao is one of those people who are born to experience the various gestures of life, to pursue the boundaries of life and to enjoy the meaning of life.From 1996 to 2011, the Spring Festival Gala’s New Year’s Eve has been accompanied for 16 years in a row, so what is Zhou Tao doing now after leaving the Gala?What is her secret story?01, for the ideal of the realist 1974, an ordinary little girl lying on the gate of the Palace Museum in Beijing shi Shi shi photo, at that time she just went to primary school, the text has a “Beijing Tian ‘anmen”.This text made her reverence and yearning for Beijing. When she came to Beijing, she fell in love with the city completely, and her yearning for the big city was deeply rooted in her heart.Zhou girl from an early age and others are not the same, others hate the teacher to assign more homework, Zhou girl thinks the teacher is the best career under the sun.She began to develop the habit of studying hard since she could remember, in order to become the best teacher under the sun.So always with their own understanding of reading, let her open the pattern, when she does other things, there is always a feeling of understanding by analogy.Zhou tao’s teacher noticed zhou Tao’s artistic talent and suggested zhou Tao’s father send her to have a try.That year, communication University of China recruited only one person in Anhui, and that person was Zhou Tao.Don’t think of her as a good girl, she loved to drive fast cars when she was younger and never realized how good-looking she was from elementary school to college.But she also and a lot of just went to the university of girls as pure, inexplicable elder worship.In this way Zhou Tao knew his first husband Yao Hong (Yao Ke).Yao Hong has a very magnetic voice and is known as a gentle gentleman.Zhou Tao is so talented, two people from school uniforms to wedding, married.The yearning for Beijing made her feel that she would do anything to stay in Beijing.After graduating from university, zhou Tao was not assigned to the broadcasting and hosting industry. Instead, he just went to an ordinary unit to do the dubbing of expansion films. He worked there for two and a half years, and it was these two and a half years that made zhou Tao successful.She settled down and thought about what kind of road she wanted to take.She started thinking she had to learn something here, and after four years, she left with ideas and skills.She not only excelled in her job, but also was willing to jump out of her comfort zone, restless in the status quo, and always had a sense of youth.An opportunity fell to her, she must seize, so she entered radio Beijing internship.The hardship of these years was only known to her, but she enjoyed it.Her business skills have received a lot of praise, praised director Jia Ding.”I will never slack off, never give up, work hard and move forward without fear, so I will meet more possibilities and better myself,” she wrote on her micro blog.02, dare to love dare to hate, dare to break her from CCTV has been tossing and turning each program, and strive to do the best of each program.She had more work to do, and her husband had more work to do, and as in so many schoolyard romances, ideals gave way to reality.For irreconcilable reasons, the two divorced.This marriage can not be evaluated by outsiders, only Zhou Tao knows the changes in temperature, only Zhou Tao knows, she will not regret, this is her personality.After divorce, Zhou Tao did not get up after a fall, she is not the kind of person who cries for love, but is a person with a pattern, she dare to think and dare to do, never more than a specific thing.Dare to explore the boundaries of life, in the road of life constantly challenge themselves, live full of vitality, vitality, momentum.After the divorce she worked even harder, with her superb hosting skills and a can-do attitude.Since 1996, she has been the host of the Spring Festival Gala for 16 consecutive years. She has so many halos and honors that everyone thinks this is enough for a girl.For Zhou Tao, no, it’s not enough.However, she is born to break stereotypes, which is far from enough for Zhou Tao. Life is more meaningful only through continuous breakthroughs and attempts, isn’t it?She left the Gala!Start to do the director, do the production, do the actor in the drama, do behind the scenes……Her transformation began at a young age, a person who can make preparations for her dreams will definitely constantly seek the boundaries of life in the limited life.It’s not impulsive, it’s deliberate, she’s a thoughtful person, she never sees herself as a host, she’s targeting TV people.”I didn’t think about it. Why?I think the world is actually very meaningful, and I also like it, and love it.For me and my team, I still have a dream for this, and it’s something I can reach when I jump. If I can’t reach it in three steps when I jump, MAYBE I won’t think about it for a while.””In fact, I came from the TV station to the Performing Arts Group, the whole process of her every night for about half a year, I talked to the station for more than half a year, because I think I have been changing.I like to change the initiative to choose, because I think may be related to one’s personality, is what I always think I want to go to do some update some of the things, and I feel in my heart although age is no longer young, but had been living with a young man, “she is carrying a live forever young, age is just a number for her.It is because of this, she dare to dare to fight, is a real brave.The rarest quality in a person’s nature is not the sincerity and kindness that the public craves. What they seek is precious, but not scarce.It is not intelligence and talent, which are easily overlooked, nor even the hard work and fortitude which we praise, for they do not always control their destiny, but “courage”.That indomitantly one cavity blood of solitary yong, she is the life has been the need to drill bridle.03, a thousand faces, break the impression if so give her a strong woman set, think she does not care about the family, that is too one-sided!Within six months of divorcing Yao Hong, there was a new suitor.But at that time before that paragraph of marriage brought bad feeling to her, she did not allow Road cloud rashly, but after a long time, until 04 years Zhou Tao just married with Road cloud.After marriage, Zhou Tao is obviously more mature than before and more cautious about love and marriage.This marriage apparently made her happier, so she gave birth to Xiang Xiang.After giving birth, she acquired the unique charm of a mother.”Zhou Tao, is it fun to have a baby?””It was so much fun. I was so happy. I had to have a baby.She is not afraid of anyone’s eyes, her daughter is her heart treasure, her concept of life is to enjoy life, love, family love, she tries her best to protect her daughter and husband, try not to let them appear in front of the camera.”Now being on screen is not my primary consideration, and what the audience will forget is not in my value judgment. I just want more time to take out and do, which I think is more valuable.What I prefer to do is this kind of photography, which I think is also my life experience. That is, you should make every step of your life, every step you take, into your experience and precious experience, instead of turning into a detour.”The hardworking and thoughtful mother is very controlling and wants to pave the way for her daughter early, but Zhou Tao is not such a person. She respects everyone.”I don’t expect my daughter to become a public figure at an early age. She has an introverted personality. From my personal point of view, there is no need to put a child into an environment too early.She made an independent choice, and I respect her own will. She is a very ordinary primary school student, just like all primary school students.”She does not give up her career for the sake of her family, nor does she give up her family for the sake of her career. She is just like a brick, which can be moved wherever it is needed.At the age of 54, Zhou Tao has not stopped pursuing the boundary of life, nor has he stopped to be a good mother and wife. As a capable person, he can cover every aspect.If people only care about flowers and applause from the outside world, and reveled in it, Zhou Tao’s concern is whether she can be tempered and promoted in the project, and whether she can grasp the ability quickly in times of peace.She knows what she wants and how to do it, to go further, and her mind is always at the forefront.

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