6.6-inch +64 million ultra HD image, 8+128G down to 1099 yuan, glory clearance

For the current user, many do prefer to start with thousands of machines, mainly because of high configuration, low price, from the point of view of inexpensive, thousands of machines are really too perfect.But really can hold up thousands of yuan machine sales of the brand is not much, in short, or the traditional red rice and glory more for you, willing to work hard on the thousand yuan machine, the cost, so loved by users.Take glory for example, today’s thousand yuan machine is obviously improved in configuration, which is equivalent to increasing quantity without increasing price. At the beginning, it reached one thousand five or six, but now it is basically thousand yuan and more cost-effective.Today I would like to introduce two honor thousand yuan machines, respectively honor Play5T Pro and Honor Play5 dynamic version, sales are hundreds of thousands or even millions, so many people like it, it shows that these two products do people’s hearts.Glory Play5T Pro:6.6-inch +64 million ultra hd image, 8+128G is 1099 why say now the Glory thousand yuan machine is very suitable to buy, take the glory Play5T Pro core configuration, the appearance design, the Glory Play5T Pro carrying 6.6-inch center hole screen, as we know, in fact, many thousand yuan machine is just a drip screen,The center screen is mostly used in high-priced flagship phones, such as Samsung S22 series and Xiaomi 12 series.Specifically, the glory Play5T Pro screen accounted for 94.2%, the appearance level is completely the same as the flagship machine, the glory Play5T Pro left and right frame narrow to 1.3mm, and the center hole with the whole front fuselage is light and smart, 1000 yuan mobile phone is really not easy ah.Image glory Play5T Pro is very good, although low to 1000 yuan, but the rear main camera up to 64 million super pixel, this brings the most direct benefit is to ensure clarity when shooting, even if the details, distance zoom to the eyes can also ensure clarity, not blurred is a good image.More perfect is that we see glory Play5T Pro also with the front 16 million HD beauty shot, belongs to the professional depth of field lens, there is a natural blur effect, get a natural shooting effect.The specific price, honor Play5T Pro 8+128G is 1099 yuan, a look at the cost is enough.Honor Play5 Vitality edition: 66W Super fast charging, 64 million ultra HD video is a little different from Honor Play5T Pro. The appearance of Honor Play5 Vitality Edition is a hole in the upper left corner, which is not quite the same, you can choose according to your favorite.Core configuration is more powerful, such as quick charge glory Play5 vitality edition carrying 66W, my god, to know the Glory Play5 vitality edition of 8+128G is 1399 yuan ah, unexpectedly reached 66W flagship fast charge, but also with 4300mAh battery, the battery is full in half an hour,It’s the fastest charging speed of a phone costing just over 1,000 yuan.Image glory Play5 vitality version is 64 million ultra hd image, also has a very good depth of field blur, so the shooting is not bad.Also, honor Play5 vitality has a nice screen with a 120Hz smart high-brush screen and a decent gaming experience.The above two thousand yuan machines are the best selling representatives of Honor at present. Which one do you think is more attractive?

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