“In the Woods” : a couple over 50 was almost sued for indecency, for touching reasons

The woman and the man were making out on the farm, and the farm inspector found them, and the inspector took them to the head of the village, and they were to be charged with indecency.In desperation, the woman spoke out a paragraph, let things come to a complete reversal.This morning, is for vineyard pruning young people tell the inspector farmland, forest edge first bushes there unusual, the inspector followed the direction of the young man referred to through the dense forest, heard the men’s and women’s heavy breathing, he did not think of, a pair of middle-aged men and women should do such a thing in the field.He caught the man and woman red-handed and brought them to the village chief.The mayor was surprised to see the man and woman, who together were more than a hundred years old.Township head ask a man: are you in what place hook up companion?She is my wife. Our home is in Paris.The mayor was puzzled: You don’t live together in Paris?The man replied, “Together.”The mayor became more and more puzzled: “How can you do this? You have committed the crime of decency and will be prosecuted.Hearing this, the man felt ashamed and regretful. He angrily rebuked his wife and said, “Do you see where your poetry and painting have brought us?To be charged with a crime like this at an old age.Then we would have to move out of our homes, give up our businesses, and live incognito in strange places to avoid being laughed at.The well-dressed, poised woman began to explain to the mayor that this was the place where she had first met men.This place, it makes her happy and loving.The women were beautiful and the men were decent, and they were polite and polite, though the two lovers who came with them kissed passionately before them and hurried off into the woods.After returning home, the man began to pursue her, and the two married and had children and lived an ordinary life.Twenty years after their marriage, they were tortured by the trivialities and hardships of life. They completely lost their heart and love for each other.Wait until they are over 50 years old, business has picked up gradually, after the life is stable and rich, the woman wants to have that heart and love afresh very much, hence, she pesters a man to come here.As soon as she arrived, happy and loving, she felt the same feelings for a man again, and she couldn’t help kissing him, and then the farm inspector saw.After saying this, the woman begged the village chief to let them go back to their former life.After listening to the woman’s story, the mayor stood up with a smile and said, Go back to Paris in peace, and next time you won’t be hatching pigeons in the wild.This is the general content of maupassant’s short story “In the Woods”, and maupassant is also very good at the description of love between men and women.In this novel, he uses humor to describe the story of an old couple who have a unique way to savor and pursue love.For the vast majority of people, love is a new topic, regardless of national boundaries and age, as long as it is different from most people’s stereotypical expression and company, it is likely to be moving and touching.As the Spring Festival is approaching, I wish you all the best in the New Year to embrace true love and experience your own romance and warmth.

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