Jinnan 2022 Land Supply plan announced!Haijiao Park, International exhibition west, double port, build surface 960,000 square meters!

On February 16, Jinnan District announced its 2022 land supply plan.It mainly involves three sections: Haijiao Park, International Exhibition West and Shuanggang, totaling 674,200 square meters, including 62,800 square meters of commercial service land and 611,400 square meters of residential land.Among them, the construction area of Haijiao Park is about 260,000 square meters, the west of the International exhibition is about 250,000 square meters, and the shuanggang is about 450,000 square meters.The land supply of Haijiao Park is concentrated on the north side of Nankai University and the west side of Sunac Yunchaofu.A total of 4 lots, all for residential land.In the first double auction in May last year, the price of two pieces of land in Sunac Yunchao House was 12,065 yuan per square meter and 11,998 yuan per square meter respectively.In terms of location, this is the core area of haijiao Park.Therefore, the plot ratio is relatively low, ranging from 1.2 to 1.3.Referring to the planning of Sunac Yunchao Palace, it is possible to plan overlapping.However, at this stage, the sea education park is still the flagship “education brand”, or small apartment is more popular.On the other hand, subway Line 6 station is located at the south of the whole Haijiao Park.None of these sites, though in the heart of the city, are close to the subway.International exhibition west can be said to have full sincerity.All of the five sites are located on the north side of Subway Line 1 and Guozhan Avenue, and four of them are located along the Haihe River.Until now, only one parcel of land north of Subway Line 1 was sold, the A6 parcel won by China Construction Sixth Engineering Bureau at 10,721 yuan per square meter in a two-lot dual-concentration land auction in September last year.Guozhan West is a TOD block with hongnihedong Station of Subway Line 1 as the core.Previously, almost all of the land supply in China Exhibition West was located south of metro Line 1, with the southern area almost filled up except for three remaining plots on the north side of Dahua.However, the quality of land in the north is higher in the west of the exhibition.In addition to the same can enjoy the subway, business, but also more haihe natural landscape.Undeniably, the international exhibition west also has “hidden worries”, is the stock and total price segment.Due to the sea garden and Xinzhuang “King fried price”, the international exhibition west presence is weak.But the launch of the plot, more suitable for positioning improvement.Of course, the key is to see the floor price.There are 5 residential sites and 1 commercial service site in Shuanggang. Although we can’t see the specific fourth site, it is generally on the east side of Shuanggang Station of Subway Line 6, which has been planned before.Shuanggang has not had new land supply for a long time, and the only development currently for sale is Tianfang Development Linli Park.Although shuanggang Industrial Park “besieged”, but after all, shuanggang has not new plate for many years, although it is only one road away from Hexi, and the subway Line 6 has been opened to traffic.But because there is no new dish for too long, second-hand housing has also gone through a wave of bubbles, buyers for the current price is recognized, plate heat can rise, is a problem.

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