“Made in Fuyang” helps Beijing Winter Olympics

The production line of Jixiang Sanbao Hi-tech Textile Co., LTD. The Beijing Winter Olympic Games which attracted worldwide attention has been grandly opened on February 4.Reporters learned that the winter Olympics winter Clothing padding imitation goose down structure high thermal flocs, by the capital of a national high-tech enterprises – auspicious Sanbao high-tech textile Co., LTD.”We’ve been working on it since months before the Games.”Ma Xiaofei, deputy general manager of Jixiang Sanbao Hi-tech Textile Co., LTD., told reporters yesterday that the products are mainly used to fill thermal clothing made by well-known sportswear brands for athletes, coaches and security personnel at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Although goose down thermal effect is good, but bloated, smell, easy to run down, high price, imitation goose down structure high thermal flocs better to overcome these shortcomings, not only can be used for clothing, but also can be used in nuclear pipelines, automobiles, aviation and other civil, military and other fields.Ma Xiaofei introduced.It is understood that this product is the use of special differential fibre form a complex network structure, the imitation of goose down structure, with a light warm, wet heat preservation, high volume, high resilience, soft and comfortable and can be washed can be dry-cleaned, under the condition of fully wetted remained 98% of warmth retention, and good resilience, not shrink after washing, warmth retention is not reduced.Ma Xiaofei introduced, imitation goose down structure high thermal flocculant is the company in hand donghua University Yu Jianyong academician team research and development of a new textile materials, the standard of THE United States 3M products, in some key performance indicators is better than the product, broke the company’s technical monopoly, fill the domestic blank.In particular, the new type of cold resistant bedding, which is urgently developed and produced for the border troops, has high technical content, good thermal effect and light overall material, which has greatly reduced non-combat attrition in extremely cold conditions at high altitude and made a contribution to China’s border defense cause.It is reported that in 2019, the research and development and production project of imitation goose down structure high thermal flocs was listed in the national key RESEARCH and development plan “Science and technology Winter Olympics” key special project, the enterprise then increased the investment in research and development and project promotion, and achieved mass production in early 2020.At present, the company’s automatic intelligent batting production line has an annual output capacity of 3,600 tons, and has achieved an output value of more than 100 million yuan since 2021.To strengthen the manufacture-learning-research cooperation, to develop new kinetic energy as a national high-tech enterprise, national demonstration enterprise green supply chain, in recent years, the auspicious sambo high-tech textile co., LTD attaches great importance to the functional textile new materials research and development and production, with the Shanghai jiaotong university, donghua university, anhui agricultural university and other institutes carried out more than ten universities deep manufacture-learning-research cooperation,It has established a professional R&D team and design team of more than 60 people, and owns nearly 40 national patents.The development of Jixiang Sanbao High-tech textile Co., Ltd. is the epitome of fuyang high-tech industry development.Reporters learned that in the past two years, the capital city actively into the “Yangtze River Delta integration” development strategy, guide enterprises to carry out the “double recruitment double introduction” work, strengthen the cooperation between production, education and research, foster the development of new momentum, promote high-quality development of county economy.According to statistics, jieshou successively in the triple gem line industry, etc. 8 companies set up academician workstation, in the tian hong new materials such as 11 companies established post-doctoral scientific research workstation, 128 approved the high-tech enterprises, 129 small and mid-sized enterprises, is to speed up the formation “seed – eyas – high – gazelle – unicorn – head enterprise” business arrangement in cultivating pattern.Benefited from the “Yangtze River Delta integration development” strategy, the capital city also set up an offshore science and innovation center in Shanghai, so that enterprises can directly docking with well-known universities, academician team.At present, the r&d achievements of the four academicians have been transformed in the enterprise.At the same time, relevant government departments have also helped enterprises establish technological upgrading projects in other places in terms of policies and land use, and provided them with funds for scientific and technological development, such as training of high-level personnel and commercialization of RESEARCH and development achievements.According to reporters, Anhui Jinhai Pharmaceutical Technology Co., LTD., located in Taihe, also provided a batch of customized masks for the Beijing Winter Olympics.The first layer of the mask is made of non-woven PET material with water repellent surface.The second layer melt-blown cloth has high efficiency and low resistance, and the comfort of breathing is better.The third layer is skin-friendly and very soft.Compared with traditional masks, the filter efficiency can reach 99 percent or more.Reporter Mei Fei Chu Jiming/article Wang Biao/Photo

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