The most beautiful April day in the world, Heze invites you to “enjoy peony clouds”

“Girls only west, the aromatic peony” heze in April to see all the flying “haitang rain” suddenly “peony” snow fell in a city is a flower boom towns nourish all wildflowers “freed national color to the wine, sweet night dyed garments” for the time being, tsaochow peony early varieties of peony open scenic spot was yao yan thering is no lack of such as yellow, ice cover and powder of two rare breed,Live broadcast time: 9:00-11:00 am and 15:00-17:00 PM Live broadcast location: follow the official Douyin number “Caozhou Peony Garden Scenic Area”. Attention method: 1. Search “Caozhou Peony Garden Scenic Area” for Douyin and click on it to watch the live broadcast.2. Save the following Tiktok QR code picture to your mobile phone. Open the Tiktok and automatically jump to the Tiktok number of “Caozhou Peony Garden Scenic Spot”.Meet in the broadcast room, the clouds to enjoy the beauty of the country, looking forward to the victory of the war against “epidemic”, and enjoy the beauty with you.Source | tsaochow peony scenic spot audit | Liu Jiquan edit | Dong Peng

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