Zhao Xintong won 8 straight wins, Ding Junhui VS O ‘Sullivan, Higgins, Robertson, group 1

The 2022 German Masters has come to a successful conclusion with Zhao Xintong’s 9-0 victory over Yan Bingtao.Champions League Group seven is seamless.China’s ding Junhui will compete with O ‘Sullivan, Higgins and Robertson for the group title.Zhao xintong won the third group in 8 straight wins and advanced to the winners group.The 2022 German Masters snooker tournament is the fifth of eight tournaments in the “European Series”.This competition, originally a total of Liang Wenbo, Zhao Xintong, Yan Bingtao, Zhou Yuelong, Zhang Anda, Gao Yang, Fan Zhengyi, Lv Haotian and other 8 Chinese players to participate.But before the competition, Liang Wenbo withdrew because of positive nucleic acid test, junior Gao Yang also withdrew from the competition, in fact, a total of six players.In the end, UK Championship champion Zhao Xintong and Masters champion Yan Bingtao will play in the final.Zhao beat Ricky Walton 6-3 in the semifinals and Yan bingtao beat Mark Allen 6-4 to reach the final.Coming to the final, Zhao xintong in yan Bingtao’s Derby, 9-0 strong won the title.After Germany, the champions League group 7 seamless, this group is very strong, o ‘Sullivan, Higgins, Robertson three favourites to win the title.There are six matches tonight, with four matches at 19:30: O ‘Sullivan VS Karen Wilson, Robertson VS Alister Carter;19:30 this time of the 2 games against: O ‘Sullivan VS Higgins, Ding Junhui VS Gould;The 20:30 time slot is: Higgins VS Robertson, Karen Wilson VS Gould.Tomorrow morning a total of 6 matches, 00:30 from this time period 2 matches for: O ‘Sullivan VS Robertson, Ding Junhui VS Carter;The two matches at 01:00 are: Robertson VS Kellen Wilson, Higgins VS Carter;The 2 matches at 01:30 are: Ding Junhui NS Karen Wilson, O ‘Sullivan VS Gould.The champions League group 7 round robin kicks off tonight at 19:00.It remains to be seen whether Ding can rediscover his form and stand out against O ‘Sullivan, Higgins and Robertson.

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