5 advanced skin announced, Ma Chao Lv Bu smiled, Yaoyao princess pink skin giant lovely

Here is the king of Dumb news agency, every day will share some of the latest king Revelations, including the big player Revelations and official Revelations, thank you for your support and understanding.Introduction: Speaking of the new skin, many players should be more interested, especially when talking about their heroes, such as their own hero, and recently there is an advanced skin exposure, among which there may be 3 or 4 legendary skin, and this exposure of the new skin three are heroes against the road.The first is that both Ma Chao and Lu Bu have a legendary skin of the same series, which is basically confirmed at present. Some details of Ma Chao’s skin have been announced, but for Lu Bu, we need to wait a little longer.Then there is mulan, the hero, who has an advanced skin exposure, but there is little information about this skin, only one image.Then is the valentine’s Day limited skin, usually there are two, may be a legend or a legend and an epic, recently about princess Yaoyao’s Valentine’s Day limited skin image was exposed.Ok, without further ado, let’s learn about it.At present, only KPL limited skin and FMVP legend skin, because the price of these skins are very affordable, so many players also like these two series of new skin.A lot of players don’t realize that the last FMVP skin hasn’t been released yet, and the next FMVP skin is coming.Recently, officially announced, calm the FMVP skin to lu bu, for sure, that is to say, lyu3 bu4 legend in the second paragraph of the skin is coming, but before that, lyu3 bu4 there is also a good news, that is the end of the mecha the skin will be a comprehensive upgrade, if you no idea to the skin, can be ready for the 962 point to lu bu.At present, the launch date is not confirmed, because The FMVP skin of Machao has not been launched, but we know that this skin has been delayed, if there is no accident, it should be launched within two months, after all, the time is limited, it is impossible to delay too long.Princess Yaoyao’s new skin has been revealed recently. In addition to the skin related to the Spring Festival, I believe that the hot topic must be the valentine’s Day skin restriction, and recently, there are indeed relevant Revelations.After a period of time is valentine’s Day, Princess Yaoyao’s limited skin for Valentine’s Day has finally been exposed, we can refer to the content shown in the picture below.From the information exposed so far, we can first see princess Yaoyao’s valentine’s Day limited skin is called magic girl, this theme must be very good, most girls absolutely like it.The overall color is pink, and most importantly, since the skin has fairy wings, and also a pair of wings after becoming a deer, this design is very unique.Have you ever seen a fawn that can fly?But being a magical maiden must be different, so can’t a magical maiden make a fawn fly?So I think it’s actually pretty good.After all, they are officially certified CP heroes. At the same time, the official has strengthened Princess Yaoyao and Yunzhongjun for many times before this. In addition, the content suggested after the official clothing update some time ago, it is obvious that they are both.In addition to the above new skin Revelations, there is also news that the hero against the road has a new skin, that is Mulan.So far, there are few Revelations about this skin, you can refer to the effect shown below.It is said that this is a glory collection, but there is already a glory collection of Zhuge Liang online, so this skin should be next year’s thing, unless this year’s double skin collection, otherwise I think it is unlikely to be online.To sum up: at present, princess Yaoyao’s magic girl skin is basically confirmed, I think it is very cute, and Ma Chao and Lu Bu have a FMVP skin, but mulan’s glory collection is not yet confirmed.Ok, that’s all for this article. Do you have any other views?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.

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