Beijing Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony students perform “Snow story”

At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics yesterday, the program “Building a Snowflake” left a deep impression on the audience.On the morning of February 5th, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily visited the Exhibition Center of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone and interviewed the cast and crew members from Haidian District who participated in the opening ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympic Games.It is reported that the performers of “Building a Snowflake” are all freshmen from Beijing Dance Academy, a total of 96 female students.They dress up as 96 snowflakes and perform “The story of snowflakes” together.On the scene, Qin Song, a freshman from The Department of Chinese Classical Dance of Beijing Dance Academy, participated in the performance “Building a Snowflake” with his “Croatian” hand card.”Standing on the stage of the Bird’s Nest, hearing the screams of the audience, I feel very excited and excited in my heart, and even more proud of our great motherland!”Qin Song says that since last October, he was selected as a member of the performance team and has since started rehearsals more than three times a week.The day before the performance, she had been up almost all night, expecting and nervous.”Because we had a very bright hand, and if we didn’t do it right, it would ruin the show.So if one person makes a mistake, 96 people make a mistake.Before we start, I go over the moves in my head and try to get every move right.”Talking about last night’s opening performance, Tan Song enthused, “It was perfect, better than any previous performance!”As soon as the performance is over, Tan Song picks up his mobile phone and shares his excitement by video calling his father.”My father didn’t know which show I was performing before the opening ceremony, and he didn’t know what posture I would take on the stage in Beijing.But he stayed in front of the TV watching the opening ceremony and joined me in witnessing the ice and snow festival.(Source: Beijing Youth Daily)

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