Dingxi has laid a solid foundation for high-quality development of water conservancy

Gansu Network, China on April 8, according to gansu Daily reported (new Gansu · Gansu Daily reporter Yang Weiwei) during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the completion of project construction investment of 3 billion yuan, water conservancy reform to achieve straddling development;The 14th Five-Year Plan got off to a good start, with construction investment of 813 million yuan completed in 2021, bringing water conservancy work to a new level…In recent years, Dingxi city has accelerated the high-quality development of water conservancy, which provides a solid water conservancy foundation guarantee for promoting the high-quality development of longzhong economy.Dingxi comprehensively implemented the rural drinking water safety consolidation and upgrading project, and continued to increase the coverage of large-scale centralized water supply projects.A water supply guarantee system with tap water as the main water supply and decentralized water supply as the supplementary water supply has been basically established in the city, with the rural centralized water supply rate of 93% and tap water penetration rate of 91%.Focusing on the operation and management of rural water supply, it has formulated relevant management measures, established a management model of “special management + group management” and a five-level management system of county station, township office, village group, plumber and user. It has set up 91 township and regional management organizations, with 1,106 full-time management personnel and 2,219 village-level plumber in public welfare positions.The benefits of Yintao project increased year by year.Following the basic ideas of “two-line planning, separate accounting, county based, water reward, subsidy operation, project support, bridge construction, and making up the short board”, Dingxi implemented the yintao Phase I supporting project, effectively making up the short board of the project.The city’s 1.802 million people eat taoshui, 189,000 mu of farmland irrigation taoshui.Since the “ecological water + poverty alleviation water” mechanism was established in 2018, a total of 230 million cubic meters of ecological water has been transported to lintao Dongyugou, Weiyuan Qinqi River, Longxi Daxian River and Anding Guanchuan River, enabling perennial flow of seasonal rivers that have long been dry, and significant improvement in river quality and ecology.Dingxi city implements the “three red lines” system for the strictest water resource management, actively promotes the dual control action of water resource consumption and intensity, and carries out annual government responsibility assessment to consolidate the main responsibility of county and district governments.Total water consumption was 389 million cubic meters, and both total water consumption and efficiency were kept within the limit targets.The national water-saving action was implemented in an ‘an, Longxi, Weiyuan and Lintao counties, and the construction of water-saving societies in Tongwei, Zhangxian and Minxian counties reached the provincial level.

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